Monday, February 24, 2014

56th Week, February 24, 2014

Hey Greenie! Grab your tongue taco and lets take a picture!

Oh man... the weird things we eat in Texas!!
For sunday dinner, we ate at a member's house with the other sisters... and we had cow tongue. :) Yep. It was actually good! The only thing is... you gotta get past the whole mental aspect of the fact you are eating tongue... sick!
So you cook it just like a pot roast! In the crock pot while at church :) Then you just scrape the meet from the outside rubbery part of the tongue and ah ha! we have tongue tacos! :D Haha oh man... it was great. So it was me and my compy and then the other sister and her greenie. and the greenie was sitting by me. So I grabbed my camera and said "hey! Greenie! Grab your tongue taco and lets take a picture!" and we did :) So those are the pictures I am sending today :) It was great!
So! Adventures for this week! :D
Oh man... we biked... and we biked... and then... we biked some more!
And when we got tired of that... we walked :O oh man. my legs are getting nice and toned! Its great haha. and the whole biking thing is growing on my companion :) She's starting to like it more so that's great! We actually found a bunch of new investigators this week! it was a blast! WE TAUGHT IN SPANISH!!!! :D 
Literally, God is so great! I know that He is blessing me for working so hard in Corpus to learn the language when  I didn't have anyone to speak it too. I am so grateful and my testimony of hard work has grown even stronger! I know the Lord blesses us when we offer up all we have! There are still moments I have to ask my companion what someone says... but mostly its just when they go off on random tangents... like this lady telling us about her mammogram... or doing a biopsy... o.O that  was weird. I understood with her hand actions though and felt super weirded out! Why do people think its cool to tell us their gross body stuff?! Bah i'll never understand that... oh well! Its still fun.
So! Learning this week!
This week I literally dedicated the majority of my person study times to studying the Christ like attributes... a different one each day. and the one I enjoyed the most this last week was Humility. and  our leaders talked a lot about it too. Something one of them said is that "the only thing that would keep us from loving our companion is our pride". and that is very true. and something I loved that I read is that humility is when we can recognize with gratitude our dependence on God. We are the strongest in life when we are willing to submit our will to the will of the Father.
I thought that I had been humbled a lot when I was in the island and that I wasn't being too prideful, then when we had interviews back in... January... my mission president told me that I needed to be careful with my pride and I was kind of bugged because I thought 'man like... I've been working on that!!' But I've realized that pride manifests itself in SOO MANY WAYS!!
When we compare ourselves to others, we are showing pride. When we are thinking we deserve better? Pride. When we put our trust in ourselves rather than God? Pride!  AHHHHHH! As I was studying I realized that I have a long way to go! But I've set some goals and I want to share one with you. When I start comparing myself to someone, I'm going to stop and just pray for that persons success. We had one of the STL (sister training leader, like female district leader) In our apartment this last week and she is an old companion of mine. So when she started getting after us for having a messy apartment... oh man.. my blood started to boil as I thought back to how her desk and everything looked when we were together. and the fact that its been crazy with 6 sisters in the apartment... I was not happy. Then I realized how prideful I was being... and prayed for her. and felt a lot better. I know that she is doing her best and yeah she is there to help us! Doesn't mean she's perfect! That's ok!
So I would like to invite you to try it to! When you start comparing yourself to someone, just stop and pray for them and there success/happiness :) It'll help get rid of those feelings super fast!
I know that we are in this life to enjoy it. The purpose of us being here is to find happiness and become like our Heavenly Father. He LOVES us! and He wants us to love our brothers and sisters too! Not belittle them, or compare ourselves to them. The Lord is fair. In everything. I know that. I have seen so many cool blessings these last two weeks and I'm STOKED to see the things the Lord has in store for this one! Its gonna be great! and who knows what strange thing I'll be fed next?! :D Yikes! Haha That's the joys of being a missionary! Serving God, and eating mysterious things! I love it! and love you! Have a great week!!!
Hermana Nielson

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