Thursday, February 13, 2014

42nd Week November 18, 2013

Miracle Investigator!!!!

Oh what a crazy week it has been!!! We had a huge miracle moment though! Wednesday was our exchanges with the STLs! Always fun! I actually got to leave my area this time and go work in there area. So as we were working we got a text from the zone leaders. (Whenever someone accepts a specific day for baptism, we send the text to the zone leaders with some catchy like "Tommy wants to be like Christ and get baptized! #9yearoldbaptisms")
That said "Logan wants to be baptized on Dec 15!! #soprepared #exchangemiracles #NorthPadreIsland" Needless to say, I was stoked and so proud of Sister Diaz!! haha it was sister diaz and sister kreis working the island at the time! So the next day I got to meet logan and we talked to him about the doctrine of Christ, had a lesson again on Friday, then he came to church sunday!!! He's a super cool guy! He just moved in with his parents about 5 months ago and is currently working at a bar(we are gonna find him a new job!)
We had a super awesome moment with him though. He came to the singles branch and the branch president lives in our area, so he gave him a ride! But he had to come an hour early. So we decided to give him a tour of the church and talk about the sacrament. as we read through the sacrament prayers, we had Logan read the prayer for the water. After words I felt like I should let him know that although the prayer says "wine" we use water. and he said that makes sense because of underage kids in the congregation... then we explained a little bit about the word of wisdom and how we don't drink at all and he told us that he really wants to quit smoking and drinking. Fast forward to after church!!!
He was feeling a little anxious after church so we asked what was up and he mentioned he didn't bring any cigarettes with him and that it had been 4 hours since he had one. We asked if he'd like a blessing and one of the elders explained what it was. Immediately he said "oh yeah! I definitely need one of those so I can quit smoking!" so actually a member of the ward gave him a blessing, then gave him a ride home! He is a super awesome investigator! We have another appointment with him tomorrow and we are excited to go and see where he is at in his Book of Mormon reading.
Finding Logan has been an awesome tender mercy of the Lord! Sister Diaz and I have really been struggling for the past little while with our area. Especially when people who don't understand the area kept telling us we weren't doing enough or kept giving us suggestions of things we were already trying... It was an awesome feeling to have someone at church that really wants to know and is doing what he needs to in order to understand God's plan for him! It also felt good to have some visible proof of the hardwork we are putting in to our area! We have high hopes for this next transfer together and hope to see lots of miracles!!
Oh by the way! Transfers are tomorrow! Sister Diaz and I will be getting a third transfer together here on the island! We've been told its going to be cooling down a lot too... we rode the bikes in sweaters and tights this last week and froze! Man... 50 degrees just isn't warm at all when you are used to a good 80-90....
Ah well! I know its all up to the Lord and for sure he is going to make things work according to HIS plan. No matter how smart, hard working, or bold we think we are, if its not in His time, it wont work! A hard lesson to learn and swallow... but very true! I hope all is well in your homes and families and you are diligently searching the scriptures for help! I've taught sister Diaz how to enjoy the scriptures in English and put the stories in context she can relate to... this last week we made the lamanites look like Orcs (Lord of the Rings) when they were attacking the Anti-Nephi-Lehites (: Lots of fun! Love you all! The church is true!
Hermana Nielson

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