Thursday, February 13, 2014

46th Week December 16, 2013

Talking to.... EVERYONE!!

Oh man has this week been some fun :) We have been challenged to talk to literally everyone. and I know as missionaries we always say we talk to everyone but.... this time its for real!
I literally chased a man down that was running and gave him a pass along card. Yes. We are talking to EVERYONE!
So here's the really cool miracle of the week!
Thursday we had exchanges! Yay! I got to work with Sister Sanders in the Island. It was a blast! We have been putting an extra effort on the talk to everyone thing, but sister sanders really showed me how its done! We were literally chasing people down on our bikes and going on completely random streets just because we saw someone. as we were biking down a street we saw a guy moving stuff into a house and disappear in the open door. Sister Sanders looked at me and said "How much faith would it take to follow him in and talk to him?!" Conveniently, my common sense won on that battle and we rang the doorbell instead and met this german sounding man who has been to salt lake and seen the temple and everything! Way cool right? he wasn't interested in listening... but one of the guys moving stuff for him was so we got his address and sent it to the elders in his area! Little miracles :)
Then we had a big miracle!! As we were biking back to the car, we saw a man pull into his driveway. Sister Sanders looked at me and I could see in her face she wasn't go to leave the area without talking to him. So we turned around and basically trapped him in his car as we talked :) haha but! he invited us back to come visit his family the next day!
Part TWO!
Sister Diaz and I go back the next day, we were welcomed right in and everything! We talked casually for a second and then I decided to go for it and start the preaching! haha :) We asked them their experience with the church to which they replied "oh we lived in Utah and were baptized there. " What?! They moved away and stopped going because the church wasn't the same in where they moved to outside of Utah! How crazy is that? But they have a 13 year old daughter who hasn't been baptized and they know she needs to be so they had been talking earlier that day that they needed to come back to church. Sooo! We have an appointment with them tomorrow to meet the bishop and they are coming to our ward party on Thursday! How cool is that?! Little miracles from just... chasing people down and talking to them :)
We also met a lady who was married to a member! But he died in a car accident :( Super sad.. she was very sweet though and lives with a woman who fixes accordions... cool right?! I may have found my future career!

On a more serious note ;) Merry Christmas almost! This holiday has been very strange not being home. Its definitely not warm currently but there isn't any snow... so it just doesn't feel like the holidays here. But I have a scripture for everyone to ponder this season! Its Moroni 7:49. I know that as we pray for that Christlike love and do all we can to gain it, we will help others in ways we never imagine. I know that sometimes in the mission it feels like I'm not doing any good because maybe we haven't baptized in a while... but other things are happening when we don't realize it. There are always miracles in the works! Always! We just need to pray with all energy of heart and look for them in their appropriate time! I love the gospel! I love the love I feel for the people here even when they tell me that missionaries have been trying to convert them for years and they aren't interested! God loves all! The church is true! and miracles are waiting for us EVERYWHERE! :D Love you!

Hermana Nielson


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