Thursday, February 13, 2014

41st Week, November 11, 2013

Fuuun in the suuun everybody wants some!

Haha oh how nice this last week has been. Sister Diaz and I wore SWEATERS when we were biking?! How crazy is that??? It got down to a freezing 60 degrees! Haha how sad is that? we had a less active member call us "Texas Wusses" because we were freezing! I just love South Texas!
Remember how we have been biking a lot? Yup we biked every single day this last week! Except Sunday because we couldn't decide if that would count as breaking the Sabbath or not considering the fact we don't HAVE to bike... But it was fun! Sister Diaz has learned how to take one hand off the handle bars and stand up while she is riding! I'm one proud momma missionary!
so spiritually fun story for this last week... Sister Diaz invited someone to be baptized! And he accepted!!! Its the first investigator we have had out here that has accepted the invitation to be baptized and we are thrilled! After he said yes sister diaz froze and just looked at me. She didn't know what to do. It was pretty great(: being the good companion I am, I took over the lesson again and set the expectations with him!  ah man! Having investigators that want to learn is seriously the best thing in the whole wide world!!
Now I wanna share something I have been thinking about a lot lately...
Missionary work isn't just baptizing. I know I've said that before... but it is a HUGE part of it. Don't get me wrong. But when we think about missionary work in the ward, people get hung up on two ideas. They think that we shouldn't be trying to pull in new members when we have so many less actives on the rolls... we need to just focus on them! Or then get stuck on "oh we need investigators and baptisms! go find them missionaries!" Until we figure out how to balance the two... its very hard for us to bring about success in the Lord's work!
I know a lot of success I feel like I've had in the mission has come from helping people be reactivated... but the joy you feel watching someone come out of the waters of baptism... Nothing quite compares to it!! We have to find an equal balance and you can't leave it all to the full time missionaries! I only have 8 and a half more months to be here in south texas full time preaching the gospel...  When I leave this area... I may never come back or see these people again. (I hope not! but its possible...) Members have to do the work and fellowship!! You need to reach out to your friends... multiple times in the mission I have kicked myself for never saying anything to my friends that are not members. That error will be corrected when I get home! Trust me!
So I guess over all... my message to you today... is don't get stuck on way form of missionary work! reach out and try different things. we were told by our leaders this last week that if we aren't finding investigators in the normal missionary ways... get creative! So we are going to get creative this week! Hellooo Beach! Haha!
Well all! I love you truly and so does the Lord! This church is true and the work will roll on whether we help it or not. Might as well jump in line right? Bring those beloved friends we have to the tree of life and help them partake!
Con carino de la isla de norte padre,
La Hermana Nielson!


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