Monday, March 31, 2014

57th Week, March 3, 2014

 Out with the Old!

Well my friends.... This week truly is a new week! We are beginning all sorts of new things out here in the TMM! Well... its more like a blast from the past! The leaders of the mission had a surprise meeting this last Friday... which was followed by a surprise zone meeting on Saturday! Yikes!
To begin the meeting the elders told us to forget everything we new about teaching the gospel.... ?! what!? Because we are changing it all! The meeting they had was this some of the high up leaders of the church. So now for teaching... we are basically going back to teaching discussions! My understanding of it is that Preach my Gospel and the old Discussions just had a baby! And that's what we will be teaching! We now have set 1 discussions, 2, 3, 4 etc. everything ! But it still has some of the flexibility and versatility of preach my gospel.. it will definitely be a huge adventure relearning EVERYTHING! We tried roleplaying in Spanish this morning and man... I am definitely gonna need to learn even MORE Spanish words to be able to do this ! its crazy! but awesome! We are all super excited. One of the biggest changes is we are no longer allowed to use visual aides or analogies... what?? we need to teach the lessons direct and straight forward. Which makes sense right?  So sadly I don't get to use my cups to teach the restoration... or my little people things from Aunt Carole to teach the plan of salvation or gospel island :( No worries! I will send them home and they will make great family home evening for my future family! :D
So that's our biggest news!
In other awesome news....
WE FOUND A FAMILY TO TEACH!!! Not just any family though.... This family has 3 daughters... Ages 8-16... and they all want to hear about the gospel! Wanna know the best part? They only speak Spanish :) Yes!!!! I love spanish sooo much! Its insane!!! Since I've been back in the valley I can feel my abilities to speak just sky rocketing! because I could already understand most everything I read and hear. but speaking is where I was lacking because I didn't have the opportunity! now I am seeking out those opportunities so I can be completely fluent before I come home! Just five months to bust it out and it is happening!
Another cool adventure this week.... Sister Perez got her first flat tire! ha! Yup.... so we were biking home from this super weird lesson late at night... and we knew we were gonna be late if we didn't hurry... so we are biking a long when I hear my compy yell "sister! I think I have a flat!!" and so we stop.. yup. that thing was flat as texas. D: noooo! and we were 2 miles from home and it was 9pm..... so we started walking and called our district leader. Well we aren't allowed in the car at all with any elders... so they just laughed and said "well sisters... better start planning while you walk! we will pray for you!" :( sad day! but no worries! next we called the zone leaders who have a truck :) So they came to pick up the bikes and the other sisters came and picked us up in their car :) Then I got to teach sister perez how to change a bike tire! how grateful I am that it wasn't my first! but actually my 5th.... haha! practice makes perfect right? The Lord prepared me for this!
On the note of the Lord preparing things.... :) I know He sure does have some crazy plans. This transfer has just been one huge change after another but I know I am growing and learning sooo much! I am truly grateful for this opportunity I have to come to know my Savior better and feel His love as I am tried and tested here in Texas! Honestly there is no place I would rather be! The Lord knows us all so well I love it! The church is true! I know that with all my heart. The more I pray, the more I know that God is listening and answering the prayers of His servants when they humble themselves and put all their might mind and strength into the work! :D I love being a missionary! Have a wonderful week! The Lord loves you!
Hermana Nielson

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