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43rd Week, November 25, 2013

Real life problems...

So in starting my mission I had this fuzzy warm picture in my head that I wouldn't have to deal with any real life problems right?  Then came some flat tires... a leaking air conditioner, and today...
I unclogged our tub. Yes dad. I did it all by my self while my companion gagged and watched. It was disgusting and reminded me that real life problems still exist... major bummer!

Ah well! Conveniently, in the mission, we have lots of good things that make up for those silly little real life problems we all have to deal with! I'll list off something good that happened every day!

Monday: We had a pretty normal pday! Lots of adventure! Then we got to have dinner at a members house with the elders. These members were called as temple workers in dallas back in their youth(they are quite old now..) and served there for 13 months! The brother told us a lot about their cool experiences there and how it blessed their family a lot! So that was cool!

Tuesday! Transfer day! Luckily sister Diaz and I get to stay together here in North Padre Island for another 6 weeks! Sister Diaz was very relieved that she gets her first Thanksgiving and Christmas away from home with someone she knows very well. All of our members were really excited to keep us another transfer too so that's good! We also had an awesome lesson with our investigator that came to church! He is so great! We taught him about the restoration and he felt like God can do anything so why couldn't he appear to Joseph Smith?!

Wednesday! Today sister Diaz and I started our two day stretch of all Spanish Oh man.. it was tough at first! Speaking nothing but Spanish to your companion is intense... obviously it was easy for her because Spanish is her native language... but I definitely had to get creative with describing things when I didn't know the word I wanted to use... so much laughing happened this day... haha!

Thursday! We had another awesome lesson with our investigator and just read in the book of Mormon with him! He is super awesome. When we asked if he has prayed about the things we have talked about he told us "of course... and I feel like its all true! It just makes sense!" Sister Diaz and I almost started crying when we got back to the car because we were so excited! Yes I know.. we are such girls! But its exciting! We also biked 2 miles in 10 minutes this day... that may not seem that exciting... but man we were booking it! We had to get to our appointment fast and our member was meeting us there. Sister Diaz was NOT happy with me and we were both breathing pretty hard when we got there.. but it was worth it to have the great lesson!

Friday! Today it got cold... I know everyone up north is just laughing at me when I complain about cold here... but man! Humid cold is awful! It just sinks down into your bones and makes you miserable! Luckily, my compy bought some long sleeve shirts Monday and she was thrilled to use tights for the first time! haha oh the good things I am teaching her! :) I was very grateful this day that I didn't send home my tights back when I was in the mtc. but I also pictured that moment when I boxed up my warm coat and sent it home and wished I hadn't... cold days are few and far between here, but they are still pretty intense! We did have another awesome lesson though! my little greenie got to teach her first real chastity lesson! She was SOOOO nervous before we went in. But, luckily... as soon as we explained what chastity was, our investigator got the whole picture and we didn't have to explain too much haha! He committed to living it and we are thrilled! haha

Saturday! Even COLDER! ahhh! It got down to 45 degrees today! I know! Its not snowing weather... but with the humidity and the wind... it was freezing! We sat in the car quite a few times with the heat on full blast just to warm up before going and knocking on another door. Not so fun... but we did get to serve one of our less actives today! Yay! We have been trying to get an appointment with her for a long time and finally I got her to agree to let us come clean her house. so we got in, cleaned a LOT of dog hair and shared a quick message(: She really is a sweet lady! She's just really busy and wants to be able to have her weekend off from work and school... hopefully we can help her realize that church IS the best break from all of those things!

Sunday! We don't have a ward pianist/organist in flour bluff... so one of the members of the bishopric and I switch back and forth with playing. Today I played... and then our member in the singles branch who plays is moving to Houston so I get to play for the singles branch too! What a blessing to be able to play and help them out! I'm definitely not perfect at it, but the members are patient with me and grateful to have someone that will play!

Monday morning... I cleaned the bathroom today... I hate cleaning the bathroom... usually my companion lets me take the rest of the apartment and she does the bathrooms... but I took my turn in there today and had to clean out the tub drain... nasty... but now it drains like a dream! :) Thank goodness dad always made me stand by and watch as he cleaned out my tub or else I wouldn't have known how to do it...

Well. as you can see... missionaries go through real life things as well, the bonus for us it that our main focus and concentration is on the spiritual things and not on the real life problems. Something I've been really grateful for this week and knowing that despite the frustration I feel here sometimes, The Lord has a greater plan. Each little thing we go through is preparing us for the next big thing. Be it big or small. we are always being prepared! Just like our friends, family, and neighbors are being prepared for the gospel! We are preparing. Always preparing. and some day, we will see the true fruits of our labors! No importa si esta en este vida or la proxima! La cosa mas importante que todo, es si estamos trabajando duro y enfocandonos en lo que El Senor quiere que hagamos! :)
I know the Savior lives! I know He loves me and understands all the good and bad happening every day! Everything we have been through, has prepared us for this exact moment in our lives! And everything happening now is preparing us for whats up next! Take it on with a smile! and write your favorite missionary a letter ;) Haha! Happy Thanksgiving!
Con Carino,
Hermana Nielson


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