Thursday, February 13, 2014

44th Week December 2, 2013

So Cold!!!

oh man did sister diaz and I freeze this week!! We got down to 45 degrees out on the island... I know that doesn't sound cold... but with lots of humidity and wind from all directions... its bad!

Sooo I Just want to write a little about Thanksgiving and our miracle investigator today!
First off, it was weird not being home for thanksgiving. I was thinking back and realized that this time last year I was in New Mexico or driving home, or hanging out at the York's house all the time... :( its a little weird to do that! Most of my mission I've been able to use as an example "if you told me one year ago that I would be in texas riding a bike in a skirt! I would tell you that you were crazy!" but one year ago now, I was getting ready for this crazy adventure and stressing every minute of it!

So.... This thanksgiving was by far the biggest commandment breaker of them all. Sister Diaz, being from Guatemala, has never had a thanksgiving! (American holiday right?) Knowing this, I decided to be a good senior companion and arrange appointments for THREE thanksgiving dinners :) I figured that since its my only one as a missionary, I should enjoy it to the fullest right? Oh man... my father and brothers would be so proud. We ate.... and ate.... and ATE! and my companion looked at me when we got to the third house and asked "do I really have to eat here sister nielson....?" I smiled and told her "No worries! They just wanna feed us more pie here!" So it was a glorious and gluttonous day to say the least! Some super good food and some... eh... could have been improved. It didn't compare at all to my mom's cooking though! Momma always wins that competition.

SO! GOLDEN INVESTIGATOR!! Our awesome investigator I have mentioned briefly has decided he wants to be baptized this sunday!! Sister Diaz and I are thrilled! We can't wait! we have been helping him quit smoking and seriously he is a miracle child. He will be my first white baptism! He is awesome though really! He just understands everything immediately and already believes it. Its awesome! So he just has to fight the addiction this week and we will be baptizing on sunday! I'll let you know next week what happens :)

Now for my thing I learned this week! I believe I've said this before, but its been... going through my head a lot lately! Everything we have been through in the past has prepared us for this moment we are living. Everything. We are always being prepared for the next moment we will live. That's what this life is intended for! To prepare us for the next one. we never are done learning, experiencing and trying new things and I love that! No matter how hard it gets, it can always be harder right? Which is actually a pretty optimistic thing if you think about it! The things we are going through are easy compared to what they could be if we didn't have the gospel with us.  And that's why we have missionaries :) to bring the gospel to those that are struggling and don't have the peace that the fullness of the gospel brings! I really love the people out here. Even the ones that tell us they don't want to listen... they are wonderful and just don't realize what a blessing it could be in their lives!
I know the Church is True! God lives and loves us and we are all enlisted until the work is done and the Lord shall welcome us back into His loving arms!
Love you all!
Be safe and share this precious gift we have!
Sister Nielson

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