Thursday, February 13, 2014

51st Week January 20, 2014


It would take a lot longer than the hour I have to tell you about all the miracles Sister Vargas and I have beheld this past week!!! So I'm just going to tell you about one!!!
This week... we have literally talked to everyone again! Man... We've had rejections of the worst sort to the point a lady threw the card back in my bike basket and walked away! That was rough... but! Its definitely improved my humility and patience and ability to speak with love when I am... less than happy ;) But as we all know, for all the bad that happens there is just as much, if not MORE good! so here is the major good that happened this week! We were biking, because we love bikes!, and came acrossed this guy. Teenager... skateboard.. you know the type! So we stopped to talk to him and asked if we could come visit his family! and he was like "yeah sure why not" and gave us his address. So we went by them later that day....
 The parents were the only ones home. They opened the door and before we could even introduce ourselves, they invited us right in! asked if we'd like some water, or bread, or a treat or anything and we sat down and started talking. Well, Turns out, they hadnt' talked to their son since we had. So he didn't tell them we were coming! They literally had just invited strangers into their house. so we explained what our purpose is and the father asked us what made our church different from the baptist church they attend. So there we went into teaching the restoration!! Literallly my first time reciting the first vision in english! :D Crazy right? I've only done it in spanish before! So we taught them the restoration and talked about the book of mormon and read a little and he said "alright. lets pray about it shall we?" so we said sure! and we all kneeled down. As he was praying he said "Lord, I offer you this Book of Mormon and ask that you reveal to me if it be true. and if it not be true, please let these sisters know." When he asked if it was true the spirit was so powerful! you could literally cut through it with a knife it was amazing! But the moment he asked if it wasn't true, it dropped! The spirit just disappeared as a no! it is true! It was crazy!
We set a return appointment with them for this week and are super excited to go back! he committed to read and truly find out if the book was true. :) Crazy miracle!! No body just lets us in out here on the island... It was a real testimony builder for me because that day we had sent out to find a family of 5 and new investigators. We found that family( a different one than the one in the story) and will see them this week as well! How crazy is that?
When we really set our mind to something and involve the Lord in it, there is no way we can fail! He will not deny us anything if it is for a righteous purpose and we are willing to sacrifice for it! We've had many long cold days in the sun(ironic i know. cold and sunny!) on those bikes and have been working super hard! I know there are more blessings in store if we remain diligent and steadfast in the Lord's work! I love being a missionary and testifying of the Saviors love! I know this church is true! It is the restored church of God and Jesus Christ!
I hope everyone has a safe this week and know that I will hopefully be enjoying some warmth on the island this week :) Love you!
Hermana Nielson


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