Thursday, February 13, 2014

54th Week February 10, 2014


Soo... I'm not gonna lie... I was stressing about the transfer calls this time around. I kept thinking "it'll be fine if a stay... I love the members... we are working hard... it'll be fine.. " But then the other thought of "I've been here 6 months!!! I need something new before I go crazy! Too late! I'm talking to myself!!"
So i'm stressing right? Attempting to study as we waiting for the calls when suddenly! The phone rings! We have the voicemail! (they send out a group voice mail with information for us)
 We are listening right? and they say a couple changes then say "oh thats all! Bye everyone! No wait! One more! By the way, Sister Nielson you are going to Edinburg... and you are opening an area so we don't know what its called.. or who your companion is. Have a great day!"
AHHHH!!!! I'm sooo excited!!! They finally found out for me, my companion is Sister Perez who started her mission at the same time as me :) So we are opening this new area in Edinburg together! Huzzah! It will be an adventure for sure!
As for adventures of this last week..... :)
We had a baptism on sunday!!!! Sara got baptized!! our 14 year old investigator who's parents are members AND HER DAD GOT TO BAPTIZE HER!!!! How cool is that?! Inactive for 15 years but able to get reactived and be worthy to baptize his youngest daughter!! It was so wonderful and the spirit was very strongly felt there! Blessings and miracles!!! :D We were super nervous about something falling through up until the very last moment! But it all worked out perfectly! He did have to do it twice because her knees popped out of the water... But it all worked out!! The family just looked sooo happy :D :D I love families!! It was a wonderful way to spend my last sunday in the island!! I just love the flour bluff ward sooo much! They are wonderful! The members were super supportive and brought treats and stuff too :) Yay!! Honestly, the best thing in the world for a new member/investigator is a good supportive and loving ward! It truly is a 2nd family and this ward has just EMBRACED this family :) I wish I could just take the whole ward with me to my next area! But i know there is a good ward down in the valley waiting for me so its alright!
Other cool things of the week,
It was freezing. I was cold. :( So we drove most of the week... not my favorite thing to do but... It happens! (its been rumored that my new area is my "sister biking area" that i've been begging the APs for.. so that could be fun!) We met lots of cool people and definitely saw some sweet miracles! We keep finding all this random less active members in the church as we are tracting.. crazy right? We started talking and they just kind of smile and cut us off as they say "oh we know.. we are members" :O what?! So we found more of those this week... Yikes! I also read a talk by Elder Bednar recently... I believe its called "chose not to be offended" There's a part where he talks about visiting less active members who have stopped coming to church because they are offended. When he would go visit them, they would talk about why they hadn't been to church and he would.. kindly... point out all the blessing they are missing out on for not being active members. It reminded me of something my parents say "throwing out the baby with the bath water" ?  I believe? or as well "cutting your nose off despite your face" something like that :) Haha
It makes me so sad to think of all the ways I am being blessed and my family as well for being active in the church and then think of how much these people are denying themselves by not being faithful to their baptismal convenants... I guess thats why I love reactivating people... :) Helping them rediscover the gospel truths and receive all those blessings our loving Heavenly Father is waiting to bestow on them!
The gospel is just such a blessing!! Its not difficult!! In a talk yesterday, one of members spoke on the Plan of Salvation. Is it really that hard? No! This earthly life is sooo short. Its precious! Why would you waste time not going to church and living the best you can because someone ELSE said something dumb?! ahhh!! I don't understand :) But thankful the Lord does. and He is always trying to make things right through other people. He's pretty awesome like that! Something I loved that the member said is everything is just "momentary pain" It doesn't last forever. This life? It can be momentary pain as well! Before you know it, you are back to Heaven and you wondered what happened to the time! Don't waste it!!! I know that I have a little less that 6 months left to serve the Lord with ALL my time! and I plan to use it to the fullest! Next stop Edinburg! After that? Who knows! God does! But I don't need to know right now... because the Lord's work shall roll on until all His promises are fulfilled! I testify of that in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, amen!
Hermana Nielson


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