Monday, February 24, 2014

55th Week, February 17, 2014

 Bienvenida a la primera area de bisis para las hermanas!!!!

Yes. It was true. Sister Perez and I are making TEXAS MCALLEN MISSION HISTORY!!!!

We have no car. Nope. The sisters we live with have cars... But we have bikes! Our area is called "Edinburg A Pie" No thats not english. Its spanish. meaning "Edinburg by foot"! :D I love it!!! I have seriously loved every minute of working this last week because this is my dream area!

I know the Lord is going to bless us with so many miracles here because we are able to talk to EVERYONE and we have a booming area!!! We have tons of people outside all the time, we have humble areas... I LOVE THIS AREA!!!!
The area is awesome! My companion is adorable... She's likes 5 foot nothing and from California. So we are pretty comical riding up on our bikes to people! But its great! We saw some pretty cool miracles this week too! We are focusing right now solely on the ward list! We want to find everyone that lives in our area and make sure we know the people so we can work with them and figure out who all the less actives are to get them reactivated! Our english ward list is HUGE!!!! It seriously should be split but we need some serious reactivation before that can happen so thats my goal! I have a very strong feeling that is why the Lord has called us here at this time! As well we are going to find those prepared souls who need two sisters on bikes to help them remember that they have a loving Heavenly Father! :)
Right now the focus in our mission is referrals! Everything starts with the referral to a prepared person right? So Sister Perez and I are asking everyone we meet who they know that might need the gospel and we received 14 referrals this last week!! Thats the most I have ever gotten in a week! It was so cool and then we found a super awesome investigator when we were contacting the referrals! :D Miracles!
This morning in my personal study I decided to read about faith. Something that really stuck out to me and that I believe is that our faith makes us act! in Hebrews 11 it talks about how for the faith all those people had, they followed the Lord and acted! People are always saying faith brings miracles but this morning I decided something! Its not just the faith bringing the miracles. the faith just helps us recognize them. When we recognize that everything we have, we have been given by the Lord, its a lot easier to recognize the miracles going on in our lives! Its not a miracle of Faith that we found this cool investigator last week, its a miracle we recognized because of our faith that the Lord is going to put prepared people in our path!
I LOVE being a missionary so much! In our apartment right now we have 3 sets of sisters including my companion and I! Sister Tippetts is actually from Grantsville! We spent an evening just talking about all the people we both know. It was really cool to think about how the Lord has blessed those people at home and how... life does go on outside of the world I'm living in here in south texas! Who would have thought? ;)
I love the Gospel so much and I'm grateful for this time I have to be here serving the Lord with literally all my might, mind, STRENGTH (bikes!) and heart! This is a great work we are ALL enlisted in until the Lord takes over :D I challenge you all to give the missionaries a referral this week! Prayerfull select someone you know who is not a member and go with the missionaries to go visit that person! Everyone NEEDS the gospel! Its not just a garnish on the plate of life! It is EVERYTHING!!! I love you all and hope you have a safe week! Please pray for Sister Perez and I's safety on the bikes! we do cross some super busy streets and she's been a little nervous but I know the Lord will protect and watch over us as long as we are obedient and wise in our actions! THE CHURCH IS TRUE! GOD LOVES YOU! and so do I! :D
Hermana Nielson y Pepe (my bike!)

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