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40th Week, November 4, 2013

Because it just wouldn't be the island!

If things weren't crazy! Haha! Oh what an interesting week we have had indeed!
Soo... this last Wednesday.. I hit my half way mark! How crazy is that?! I have now been serving as a missionary for 9 whole months! It doesn't seem real but at the same time... it seems like forever since I last saw my family or talked to them on the phone! (thank goodness Christmas is so close!)
I keep telling my greenie, the days pass long but the weeks pass short! she's realized how true that is as we only have 2 weeks left of this transfer and she's already getting the feelings that I will be leaving her in this area! Yikes! Guess we will have to wait and see on that one!
So! I finally got my packages from the mission home! Sister Diaz had some medicine in a package there so they brought us our packages Wednesday night after returning from zone leader conference. I received SIX packages!!! Oh man I almost cried I was so excited and happy. The best part was, a few of them had sister diaz name on them too so she was super excited! :D (thank you sooo much to those who added stuff in there for her! of course I share everything but its even better when she gets things specifically for her) I seriously am sooo grateful for the support and love I feel from my friends and family back at home! I think I'm the luckiest missionary in the world to have so many people that I love and love me too! So thank you to all who sent some goodies to south texas in the past month!
So I think my best story I have to tell is about Halloween! To be honest, it was my most trunky day I have had in the mission. I truly felt homesick. all week I kept thinking about the fact that you'd be eating hotdogs with out me and it made me sad. So sister Diaz and I bought all the stuff for hotdogs last Monday and we made our own Halloween hotdogs for lunch! They weren't as good as off the grill at home with homemade rootbeer... but it was a blast! Sister Diaz has decided she will continue the tradition for the rest of her life! I told her I'd send her pictures next year when I'm at home of us doing hotdogs so she could truly understand how wonderful Halloween at the Nielson home is!
I feel as though I should share something I've learned in the past 9 months since I have hit my half way mark... I guess... the thing that really comes to mind is how quickly this journey passes by. When we left our heavenly father's presence I think it was very difficult... as excited as we were to start this life journey we were probably a little scared. We knew the challenges we would face. We knew that there would be days when we just wouldn't know what to do. But our father in heaven reassured us that it would all be worth it and we would be back with him some day. That is how the mission is as well. We start this adventure so excited! We've read other missionaries letters, we've learned about the area, but honestly nothing could truly prepare us for the adventure. Every day there is something unexpected no matter how good you are at your nightly planning! That's what the life and mission are about. Making the best plans you can with the time you have, but being willing to follow what the spirits whispers to you even when you don't understand it. The time is short and we can't wait a single second.
I know the next 9 months and gonna fly by as fast as the past 9 months! But I am ready for the adventure and excited to put my faith to work to see miracles! I'm grateful to my Lord and Savior for the mighty miracles he has worked back at home! I love you all! Be Safe and know the Savior Loves you! Our Father in Heaven loves you! The church is true!
Con Carino,
Hermana Nielson

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