Monday, October 28, 2013

39th Week Oct.28, 2013

Transfer of flat tires

Yep! I did indeed get another flat tire on my bike! luckily, it was super full of slime and we were able to just pump it up and go! But man was i sad when we walked out and my tire was completely flat... Not a good feeling!
So! I have two big exciting stories of the week! Well the ones I find the most interesting at the moment!
First: I did two full days of spanish!!! Ok so to all those that served a foreign mission this doesn't sound exciting.. but let me explain how cool it really was. The first day I did was on tuesday. We had a district meeting so that made it kind of easy. We just did all of our studies and planning in spanish then district meeting is in spanish anyways.. but then began working! Nobody on North Padre speaks spanish... so sister diaz and I would be riding our bikes and yelling back and forth in spanish. (super funny!) then we stopped and talked to people in english, or visited members, (got to speak english for a brief bit!) Then as soon as we walked away, we had to go right back into spanish! I was super proud of myself because I never forgot to go back into speaking spanish and a few times sister diaz would start speaking to me in english and I replied in spanish so she remembered(: It was super cool experience and definitely helped me develope some self control to not be lazy and just speak english. Then we did it again on thursday! That day was a lot harder... I woke up in a bad mood for some reason and kept trying to justify not doing a spanish day even though we already decided it... but my companion reminded me that I wanted to do it in the first place... so I stopped being lazy and we rocked speaking spanish all day long!
That was my personal huge accomplishment for the week!
Next funny story! Service with our bike rack! We have this super awesome member that Sister Diaz and I just love. she has a baby about 7 months old that adores sister diaz. so every time we go over she offers to feed us and just is a super awesome member! Well we were driving to try and find someone one night and saw this lady on the side of the rode with a bike and one of those trailer things on the back for a baby and realized it was our member! so we stopped. her bike tire had gone flat and she was a good 2 miles from her house! She had called her home teacher (husband is out of town) and he came to help out. so we put the trailer in his car, and we just so happened to have our bike rack in our car! so we could take the bike back for her(: It was a nice little moment to be able to serve a member who has done soo much service for us already!
Ok so i guess I should share some investigator and spiritually awesome things too!
So we had a couple member present lessons this week! We LOVE members! and we ESPECIALLY LOVE when members can come to lessons with us! The lessons were awesome too! We are teaching this 17 year old and he is doing his reading and praying! It rocks and we are super stoked for him! Then we had someone come to church this week. Not just anyone. BUT AN INVESTIGATOR! haha it was Sister Diaz first time with an investigator at church and she just didn't know what to do! But I helped her understand that at church, we step back and let the members do the work! Thats what its really about. The members need to be the ones embracing the people and pulling them into the ward. We just teach them the gospel (: So that was a wonderful little miracle! The best part was, one of the members invited him, not us! Best situation for sure(:
Well those are some of our most exciting things this week! We should finally get mail from mcallen this friday! I've had a few people tell me they've sent packages but we haven't gotten anything from mcallen since last month... so i'm excited to see what the elders bring back! Thank you so much for your love and support!
The church is true! Spread the word! :D
Sister Nielson


38th Week Oct. 21, 2013


Oh what a week we have had here on North Padre Island!
Thank goodness we had no car issues this week! haha but we did do a lot of bike riding to talk to more people! My bike tire apparently wasn't as fixed as I thought it was when I patched it... we would put air in it at the beginning of the day and by the end it was flat! So my darling elders helped me out and got me a good slime filled tire and by dang... I will not have another flat in my mission! haha
Highlight of the week:
This week we had interviews with President Maluenda! To paint you a picture.. he is about 6'4" probably... Chilean and prefers to speak Spanish. I was a bit more than terrified! Being in Corpus(the land of no Spanish!) has not helped my Spanish much and my laziness has definitely contributed to that. So I was super worried about that! But it all went well! Something super amazing about my mission president is that he always tells us that we should pay the most attention to the spirit. whatever the spirit says is the most important thing always. As we were talking, he paused, looked around and sat thinking for a second. Then looked back at me and asked me the exactly question that has been bothering me for a long time. I hadn't mentioned anything. In fact, we had been talking about the fact my brother just got married and this question had NOTHING to do with that. We talked for about an hour and it was exactly what I needed to kind of.. pull myself out of the rut I've been stuck in lately(:
It also gave me a focus for my studies on sunday! The atonement!
Now what exactly is the atonement? Well we all know that it involves Christ suffering for our sins... but it has 3 distinct parts. The Garden of Gethsemane, The Cross, and His Resurrection. Something I guess I hadn't thought about is how in depth the suffering in the garden really was...
I know that He understands our pains and can help us with our sins. but as well, Christ felt every temptation, pain, sorrow, happiness, upset, joy, everything. EVERYTHING. He truly understands on a personal level each thing that we pass through. Whether it be great, like the loss of a loved one, or small just as a paper cut! He understands the temptations, the fears, the worries, but also the hopes, the joys, the happiness! How amazing is that?! I know I have definitely had some moments in the mission which I have felt alone... I've felt like I was just walking down the street for no reason. But we are never alone. He always walks beside us because He walked the path first. We need not ever be afraid... because He has overcome these fears...
We like to laugh and joke because President Maluenda always says "Disfruten la mission! no las sufren!" Enjoy the Mission! Don't suffer! haha but how true that statement is. We are here to enjoy. to Learn! To grow! In Doctrine and Covenants 19: 17 the Lord tells us "But if they would not repent they must suffer even as I" He went through those pains so that we wouldn't have to. When we choose to rebel and do the things we know we shouldn't... we will feel the sorrow. But it doesn't mean we have to wallow in it and be stuck in that misery. He is reaching out his hand to lift us back up and higher than ever before! How great is the love our Savior has for us!!!
I testify to you that our Savior lives and LOVES us. Oh man does he LOVE us sooo much. When we are feeling the most upset and alone, His hand is ever reached out to lift. But we have to make that choice. We have our agency always to act in the way we so choose. wouldn't be easier if we all just chose to be happy? :) I challenge you to look for that happiness in your life. Kneel down before your maker and ask his help to make you stronger and happier. Use the atonement in everyway it is meant to be used! Turn to the Savior that loves you and let that love be felt in your life! He is there. Always there :) and I bear testimony of that in the name of Jesus Christ, amen!
-Hermana Nielson


37th Week, Oct. 14, 2013

Flat Tires all around!!


That's right ladies and gentlemen... i had my first flat tire! Not on my bike mind you... but on my CAR! It was the worst! we were driving the elders home from our pday activity and the warning light for low air pressure came on... sure enough we pulled into the gas station and that baby was FLAT. so the elders changed it for us as I tried not to freak out... and we went to pep boys the next day to get it fixed... then... the next day... my bike tire was flat!

I patched it and it was back in working order! Without getting a single grease spot on my skirt! Pretty impressive if you ask me ;) Sister Diaz and I have been riding the bikes a lot this last week so that we can talk to more people! I've already talked to all the people in our potentials and formers book... so now we need to find some new ones! Its definitely been an adventure! I had another drunk guy ask me if I'd marry him. 

We were talking to this lady and from across the yard this guy yells 'Do you wanna fall in love?' so I just kind of ignored him of course, he had a beer can. Then he walks up... and starts saying all this creepy stuff... "you're really pretty" "you know i need a wife" Talk about weird!! Luckily they weren't interested and we just peddled away VERY quickly! 

I think the best part of this last week was our zone meeting! We had transfers this last week ( sister diaz and i stayed the same since i'm training her and have only been here for one transfer) and we got a new district leader and zone leader. always a fun thing to have a leadership change.

The main emphasis of our training was being excited about the work and just going for it! We have to talk to everyone! Our duty is to invite people to come unto Christ... if we aren't inviting everyone.. well we aren't fulfilling our purpose! So that's the purpose of the bike riding. Its been a huge adventure and man have we been sore lately! But its been worth it to just have the time to talk to everyone. even if people aren't interested, we can return home at the end of the day and maybe feel a little sad for them, but as well we know that we did all we could. That's the most important thing! Putting in your full effort. I don't think i have ever ridden so many miles on a bike! I think my greenie was assuming she'd barely ride her bike in her mission and now she is questioning how sane her companion is.. :) oh well! I have the faith that because we are out there working hard, the Lord is going to provide a way! That's the wonderful thing about the grace of God. We are saved by grace but its not the sense people think... We are saved after all that we can do. We have to follow the example of Christ, be baptized and receive those saving ordinance, we have to share the gospel and love one another, we do all we can, then the Lord takes up the rest and as the Baptist say, "We are saved souls!" We are not saved on our belief allow. Faith without works is just believing, not true faith!

On the Spanish front, I am in 3 Nefi en el libro de Mormon! Super awesome right?! I've got everyone reading with me now. Whenever we are stuck places with the elders i make them pull out their book and read with me. Its been pretty great and helped my understanding a lot! The gospel is so cool. The best part is, even when i don't completely understand what I'm reading, i know what is going on. Not just because I've read it a lot in English, but because the spirit is the same no matter what language it is. I still feel the power of the words and the truthfulness there in. This last week we were reading through the introduction to the book of Mormon with a family and after each paragraph we stopped in talked about what things stood out to them. afterwards we challenged them to get down on their knees and ask again if the book of Mormon is true. because God loves us so much, he is will to make sure we know the truthfulness there of each time we ask. I challenge you to do the same! Read the intro and pray to know. Feel that power again just like the first time(:

Love you all and I wish you the best this week! The church is true, our Savior lives and God loves us!

-Sister Nielson


Monday, October 7, 2013

36th Week, October 7, 2013


Oh man! My second general conference in the field!! How weird is that?! One more and I will be on my way home! Yikes!
First some of the funny things of the week!
So past sisters got my car rearended... gosh women drivers!(; just kidding. it totally wasn't their fault. but I had to deal with it. so we got a call from the office saying we needed to go get it fixed and arrange things with our zone leader because we probably wouldn't have a car for a few days... Yikes!
So we took the car on Tuesday to the shop early in the morning, did our studies at the church, had our district meeting then had to wait with the bluff elders(we drive them everywhere) for the zone leaders to pick us up and take us home... well we didn't get back to the island until about 5 because they decided they wanted olive garden for lunch/dinner... darn elders!
But when we got home.. we had no car. So we biked! haha oh my dear lanta... my sweet companion is not so great at biking(: But we didn't have a bike accident! So that was wonderful! I love when my companions don't fall off their bikes(: we ended up not having to bike too much because everyone let us in that day! Tender mercy from the Lord. Then Wednesday we got up thinking our car would be done... nope... we biked again! But again, we got into houses so it wasn't so bad. then a member took us in around 3 oclock because our car was done! Sister Diaz was very grateful to not have to bike any more!
So that was our main big adventure of the week!
On to conference!!!
I love conference as a missionary! Watching it at the church, taking notes and getting answers to questions! I LOVE IT! The funniest part was having my companion ask me what different English words meant. then when Edward Dube started speaking I looked at her and she looked back horrified and said "I cant understand him at all!!!" Ironic that ended up being one of my favorite talks!
I loved how he said "Never look back! Look at what we still have to do!" I think in life we get so focused on wanting recognition for the things we have done that we forget there is still so much to do! still more adventures to be had, still more people to help, still one more door to knock at the end of the day! We can't be afraid to look to the future! There are so many great things in store that our Father in Heaven is just waiting for us to earn and enjoy. I've definitely felt some powerful love from my Heavenly Father during this transfer...
Something I also loved from conference is how much they talked about how we must prepare ourselves to share the gospel and such with others. We can't expect the Lord to give us the words we need in the moment we need them if we have not yet studied it out and done our part! President Maluenda challenged us to put away our scriptures of our native language and only read in the mission language. I had already decided I would do that when I got to corpus but its been cool to see the difference... I'm starting to feel the gospel more powerfully because I can't just read over it quickly like I always have before. I have to read deeper and think more about it and instead of reading 5 chapters a day, sometimes I only read 1 or two in the book of Mormon... (well in the Libro de Mormon!) Understand it first, that you might teach it to others.
I am working hard to be a true preach my gospel missionary and know the basics. know exactly what the Lord wants spoken to His beloved children here on North Padre Island. He loves these people just as much as he loves me and my family and friends. so I need to study hard and know His words that they might know of His love as well!
If you haven't read preach my gospel, Read it!!! This week my personal challenge is to read a christlike attribute every day! Yesterday I focused on diligence and today is virtue! I promise if you will do this as well you will feel Christ directing you more! He can only lead you fully as you come to know him. I know Preach my gospel is free online or probably you can download it! so no one has an excuse not to read!! Chapter 6 Christlike Attributes ! one a day!
Christ lives. He is our Savior. He loves us and understands every trial and happiness which we pass through. He is always there(: Doubt not, fear not, simply turn to Him and let His ways be yours as well!
con amor de North Padre Island!
-Sister Nielson