Thursday, February 13, 2014

53rd Week February 3, 2014

1 Year of Adventure!!!

hats right folks!!! This last week we hit ONE FULL YEAR of Hermana Nielson being... well... Hermana Nielson! The missionary! Its crazy to think that a year ago I entered the MTC and started speaking spanish! To celebrate my one year mark, I spent the whole day speaking only spanish! It was awesome :) At the end of the day I felt super accomplished because man did I struggle with the stupid language in the MTC!! I remember crying one day because I was so frustrated with it and my MTC teacher panicked (being a man and our group being his first sister missionaries he didn't know what to do!) so we went for a walk :) Good times! haha!

So this week has been... CRAZY! Literally Crazy! We decided as a companionship to just go for it... Start tracting... because I've been to all the potential investigators and formers in the book.. we had no other options! So we went knocking! Oh man... did we meet some CRAZY people.... It was... strange! haha. We met all sorts of everything. The island is just so funny because its such a moving area! People are in and out and from different countries and just everything under the sun! This area is a truly "preaching to all creatures and people" kind of place! Its fun :) I think the worst one we talked to this week was a guy in his garage... He was cutting up fish! The contact was bad... just the fish! I was trying so hard not to gag as he was cutting it up and there was blood on the table... SICK! Then afterwards as we were walking down the street everything smelled like fish and I just started gagging... super nasty! But its ok... my companion carries mints and those helped a lot! But I don't think I will ever be able to eat fish again... yuck...
So in good news!! We found a new investigator!!! and he's super cool!!! He actually just lives down the street from our recent convert Logan! and they are about the same age! We met him on thursday, then we had an appointment for friday. We prayed all morning to have a member with us and texted everyone we could but no boday was answering or could come... then as we were biking to Luis's(the investigator) house, we passed Logan outside! So we grabbed him and he got to be a member present for the lesson! How cool is that??? Recent converts doing missionary work! :D we were super excited! Until we started talking about repentance and Logan said "yeah God is very forgiving! I mean we mess up right? Like... I drank a beer last night!" and my face just dropped. We were in shock! So as we walked Logan back to his house we asked what happened and he told us how awful he felt to break the word of wisdom and he said he was gonna repent and never do it again because it made him super sick... Yikes! But he is back on the path! So thats good :) adventure adventure adventure everywhere!!
One last bit of excitement! Our investigator passed her baptismal interview!!! Remember that family we found randomly that the parents were members?? Their daughter is getting baptized next sunday! We are super excited and her family has really warmed up to us a lot! :) We had a lesson with them saturday night and the mom got this funny look on her face as she asked "you do stay in the same area your whole mission right?" and when we told her we actually get moved around a lot she got a really sad look on her face. I love feeling the love of the Savior for the families we work with and knowing that they love us too! Its so amazing :) I just love my people out here on the island!!! They are definitely different from all the people in my other areas... but thats the beautiful thing! God created us all so uniquely and differently so that we could learn and grow together! I love it!!
This last week the plan of salvation has been huge to me! People don't know they are children of God! It breaks my heart when we talk to someone and they say that we just appeared... and if there is a higher being he doesn't care about us. THATS NOT TRUE! We have a loving Heavenly Father! He cares about us! he weeps when we weep, he rejoices when we find happiness! He is wonderful and truly has a plan! This week I am going to make sure everyone we talk to knows they are a child of God and he LOVES them!!! I hope you all know that too. and if you don't, now is a great time to kneel down and ask the Lord. I promise He will bless you with that feeling to know of His love for you! He knows you. Personally. You are not another number. You are a child of GOD. And thats the best thing we can every hope to be :) Because thats what we are :) And he has BIG plans in store for each one of his beloved children.
I know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is the only true church with God's power and authority on the earth today! It has been restored and it is here to stay until the Lord returns to guide his people personally. and I'm grateful to have been sharing that with everyone I meet for the past year! I love you all and wish you a happy week! Until next time!
Hermana Nielson


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