Thursday, February 13, 2014

52nd Week January 27, 2014

Here comes the sun doo doo doo doo..

I hope you got the song reference :) We've been really excited when the sun is out here! its been so dang cold! We almost had snow this last week?! What in the world??? its super unheard of for Corpus to get down to the 30s!  Crazy crazy stuff man... who is it saying we are having global warming??

In other news! Mission life is good! Its crazy that on Thursday.... we will hit 1 year! My goodness! It doesn't feel like I've been on the mission for a year but at the same time when I think back, it feels like I've been gone for forever! Ever weirder is that fact that in May, I will have graduated from high school 2 years ago! Yikes! I'm old!! We have it all planned out to burn a dress on Thursday to celebrate one year in the mission :) I'm really excited about it! Even better is the fact I'm burning a dress Sister Kreis and I have shared that we found in the free box at the MTC. How poetic!  Haha!

Soooo as for the work out here! We are continuing to talk to every and have had some pretty funny moments! It just makes me laugh when you talk to someone and they tell you "Oh I know your church. I'm what you call a 'jack-mormon'" .... So crazy! we found a couple more of those this last week!

Well there isn't too much to report on for this week... we haven't found any new solid investigators right now but we are working hard as always! We actually had our bishop compliment us on our diligence in ward council yesterday :) That was super sweet of him. But there is a thought I'd like to share. In our relief society lesson yesterday, they were talking about visiting teaching. The teacher mentioned how even if we do visiting teaching just to get the check mark on each month, that's fine for now. Sometimes we need something to encourage us to keep going like that right? just some recognition :) The testimony comes later. All things in the church are that way I think. We do that because we want recognition sometimes... because it is expected of us... because we just want to be obedient.
But with time we realize there is something more to it. A testimony is growing. We are learning... and slowly those things we do out of habit or obedience, we do them out of love :) That's what I really love the most about church! Especially in the mission! when you see someone fulfilling and magnifying their calling our of the love they have for the members. This sister giving the lesson in Relief Society is seriously the most saintly woman I know. She doesn't help people just because of her calling or her husbands calling. She does it because they need it, and she loves them. Even if its not conveniently for her at all... she will spend hours doing the laundry for a member who can barely walk and can't even get off the couch to go to the bathroom... She will give rides to people who need to come to church because she knows they need to be there. It truly amazes me and makes me think of those heros in the book of Mormon!

Everything they did was out of love! I'm sure occasionally they did it out of obedience first... but then came the testimony! :) Its a truly awesome concept and I love that God has thought it all out for us so if we would test things out, we could know for sure :) He's pretty awesome like that.
 So that's my big ah-ha learning moment for this week! I hope that everyone is doing well and doing all they can to build the Lord's kingdom! Hastening the Work isn't just about baptizing, its about strengthening all the sheep in the flock and bringing every soul closer to the Savior :)
The church is true! Love you!

Hermana Nielson

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