Monday, June 24, 2013

21 st Week June 24, 2013

Oh the madness!!!

oh man. This last week has literally been one of the craziest!!!

From awesome investigators to amazing texan/mexican food, to running to jump in the car and not get eaten by charging dogs!!! yes that did happen and i'm not exagerating at all! It was scary!
Soooo lets start with Tuesday!
This was interesting... so highlight of the day was having a lesson with one of our recent converts daugthers. she is kind of anti but she came to young womans last sunday! so we got her a personal progress book and made plans to do an activity! well conveniently part of the activity was reading joseph smith history.... >:D missionary win! So sister bolster retells the whole first vision, the spirit is so strong you need a steak knife to cut it! when suddenly our recent convert(her dad) says COMPLETELY OUT OF NO WHERE "why couldn't blacks have the priesthood until (insert year)" Literrally you felt the spirit just die suddenly in the room as all of us were in shock and the daughter just shook her head at her mom. it was insane! yeah... thats awesome fun when your converts get anti-ed... but no worries! he was asking in behalf of his son, because he is totally converted and his son is super anti... Yay.... we will figure it out though and get him a testimony!
Our other tuesday adventure... we were supposed to have dinner with this family we haven't actually met... well we got there and only their son was home (convenietly when you are a sister trio you can get in any house! power of three witnesses man!) so we waited for his mom for a bit then he was like "ummm i'll be right back!" and takes off... so we are sitting on the porch like "well.. what do we do?" about 10 minutes later he gets back with pizza! apparently his mom had forgotten(despite our calling the night before) and he came to the rescue with pizza! which was delicious by the way(:\
Wednesday! The zone leaders made us cookies! earlier this week they sent out a daily challenge for us all to make sure we asked people if there was anything we could do for them before leaving. then ended the text with a "can we help you missionaries in any way?" well of course sister nielson texts back right away and asks for cookies. no worries. shockingly enough! they made them for us! and they are pretty good! yay for elders who can bake! Thats about all the excitement we had that day... everything else just got canceled ):
Thursday! one of our members took us to the Texas steakhouse. um... yeah.. it was delicious and my dad would have LOVED it! We ate around 12 and i wasn't hungry when we got home that night! crazy right? so much delicious food!!! Then we had a lesson with our investigator from El Salvador!! soooo cool! he is awesome! half way through his sister joined us and we were takling about the restoration(: my very favorite lesson for sure! we asked him to pray after about joseph smith and the book of mormon. so we all kneeled and he prayed and after he said he felt like it was right!!! :D those are seriously magical words to a missionary! "i know its true" yay!! and we asked his sister if she would like to pray too but she was super nervous... but no worries. we just invited her to be baptized with him and she didn't even hesitate to accept! craziness!!!
Friday! Since our mission is no longer allowed to knock doors we are visitng our members a LOT. conveniently we have the most members in our area. so thats been fun. most of friday was spent with them because we didnt have any appointments... it was interesting to hear some of their fears about sharing the gospel... most of it was just not knowing how! I think if people would just read preach my gospel they woudl be so much less afriad! that book is golden when it comes to explaining every thing simply and telling you how to share the gospel! If you don't have a PMG, GET ONE!!! they are amazing!!! i love mine so much!
Saturday was my favorite day this week! we were back at the recent convert i talked about befores house! he made us the most fantastic tacos, rice and salsa that i have ever taste! it was amazing! I was sooo happy! then we got attacked by dogs... are you ready for this story?
So we went to see Bernardo... he was supposed to be baptized on the 30. his wife adn kids are members but he is not.. this is the house my compy got bit by a goose just so you know.. they have 5 dogs... one is big and white and mean and the others are just crazy looking. so we pulled into their driveway a little bit and were getting out of our car when the dogs came running at us! usually they are chained... NOT TODAY!! We all screamed and ran for the car door and jumped in the backseat in all of 5 seconds... it was scary!!! Then the sons came running and herded the dogs back into the house. talk about embarressing! i literally saw my life flash before my eyes and sister garry said she saw her unborn children never gettign to experience life on this earth. it was scary!
Sunday!!! yay for sundays! Highlight of the day! our el salvador man came to church!!! and came to see a baptism!! So cool! he enjoyed it all too so we are feeling pretty awesome and high on the spirit! and we had that awesome broadcast!!! The prophet and apostles are sooo cool!! Its amazing what a different it makes when members bring people into the church!!! We are working so hard with our members to help them find their friends and family that are truly prepared to receive the gospel. The answer i hate the most is "oh well i only know members of the church!"  NO WAY!! there are nonmembers everywhere and it is a shame!! they are not able to experience the joys of the gospel because we are too afraid to step out and just invite them! It really is just as simple as inviting them to an activity! members need to prepare their friends so that missionaries can step in and teach them!
I just realized this email is huge!! no worries! its fine! haha.
So my challenge for the week!! speaking of member missionary work! Pray for a missionary experience! we have been trying to work with the YW a little on personal progress and get them to do the activity with missionary work. just pray for an experience and i promise it will happen! just keep your eyes open!
Love you all and take care!
Its only 100 degrees here in McAllen and I'm lovin it!
Sister Nielson

Monday, June 17, 2013

20th Week June 17, 2013

Funny funny week...

To say the least, this week has been super comical!! I forgot my journal so this is gonna be a bit messy trying to explain the adventures we have had!!!! First off, we have FIVE people with baptismal dates set right now!!!! What?! It's a part member family, father and a family of 5 who have FOUR baptismal age people!!! So exciting right???

Man. Let me just say, asking people to get baptized is scary business!!! But i did it!!! and showed the picture of Christ and explain why its important and it was partially in Spanish because the family, mom speaks pretty much only Spanish, but the dad and kids speak English only. what in the world? I don't get it!!! so many families are like that!!! How in the world did they ever fall in love if they don't speak the same language?! Just kidding... don't wanna know!
Well! we seem to have this ongoing trend of knocking on doors we think are members and get nonmembers and knocking on potentials/formers and finding members?! how does that happen??? We knocked this ladies house on Thursday because the address was in our list as a member and she totally invited us in but it seems a little awkward... then she told us all about how she and her husband were high school sweethearts and stuff but then sister Garry asks "so what ward are you in?" and she gets a super funny look and asks us what church we are from... Uhhhh RUH ROH!!! No worries though! conveniently she has been looking for a church to raise her son in because she knows its important and conveniently we knocked at the perfect time! we plan to stop by this week though because she had a family adventure this past weekend!
BY THE WAY!  we are no longer allowed to knock doors in our mission. yep. No tracting. Period! We are focusing on member work only!! Crazy right? Its definitely a little scary but we are working with it! conveniently most of our members are in our area! yessss!! they just need to help us find their prepared friends! Its kind of a bummer when members say they don't think their friend is ready though... who are we to decide for them? Who am i to say that someone is or isn't ready to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ and find real joy in this life? Its ok though. we are working with them to help them understand(:
We had exchanges this week! yay! The sister training leaders called us up wednesday night and said Sister Bolster(who has been in this area the longest) was headed to work in their area and sister garry and i were staying here to work ours! Um excuse me?! I've been back seating for the whole WEEK we have been here and I'm the older companion so i had to drive!!!! D: No worries! we only got lost once and it was actually super fun! We had the most successful week this area has seen in a LONG time! It was amazing! We even had 3 investigators at church!!! One with a BD!(baptismal Date)
Our other super cool investigator we found this week is from El Salvador! What?! She is here working! She is super sassy though. we thought we were knocking the door of a member(of course) and she popped out! so we told her how our message can bring us peace and she said "que? no piensan que yo tengo paz?!" it was pretty great! but we got her to church so obviously we did something right(: she is super cool though! We have a little bit of a struggle understanding her Spanish though because it isn't the tex-mex we are used to... ah well! Thank the Lord for the gift of Tongues and understanding!
on the subject of Spanish! I feel like I've grown SO MUCH in the past two weeks! I'm not afraid to just speak out and share with people in English AND SPANISH. Dad would be so proud! I'm ordering for myself and calling people to repentance without panicking! Oh yes!!!
But yeah... overall its been an awesome week! We have high hopes to get quite a few baptisms before sister Bolster goes home in mid July! Wish us luck!
Challenge for the week!!! Remember how I said its not our place to decide if people are ready? Pray for them! Pray to our Heavenly Father and ask which of your friends might be ready to receive the gospel. when you have thought of someone and given doubt an entrance, pray again to know how and when to share it with them. The best situation is when members prep their friends before hand and THEN bring us into the situation! Will you do it?!
Overall all, I want you to know that I know this church is true! There are so many examples in the book of Mormon where we are testified to of God's hand in our lives always. He lives and cares. He listens and helps us in ways we don't always realize. Its our job to do all we can then leave it up to the lord! Love you!
-Sister Nielson

Monday, June 10, 2013

19th Week June 10,2013


Why yes, I am serving in the Heart of my mission now!! Although I'm actually in the Mission Zone! awkward but awesome! I absolutely LOVE it here so far!!
We have the most amazing wards! in our area, we have the bulk majority of the English ward and they feed us all the time <3 so much love!

In the Texas McAllen Mission, WE EAT! that's a fact I've learned! so I've taken it upon myself to not worry about my weight and just enjoy my mission! any one have some extra stretchy waist skirts they'd like to send my way? ha just kidding!

Soooo! my companions!!! YES! that does have an S on it! I'm in a trio! with two of the best in the mission for sure! Sister Bolster is senior companion and trainer! Because Sister Garry has only been out for one transfer! So we have a greeny, trainer, and junior companion(that's me!) I'm technically a real missionary now mom!!! ahhh! it is pretty intense for sure!
We found some pretty amazing investigators this last week as well!!! One is a family of EIGHT KIDS! yes. 8. the big one! they range in age from 2-14 so we are anticipating at least.. oh you know... 6 baptisms next month with them!  they have been looking for a church and recently started a different one.. but hey! when the true church comes knocking on your door and finds you right when you are discussing what church to go to... why not convert right?! we are going to visit them tonight and have high hopes for awesome spiritual confirmation! I'll keep you posted on that one!!!
Next adventure! the black cat.... we have a possessed cat!!! it is scary as all get out. we were walking into this cul-de-sac the other day to contact ta referral when this cat comes out of no where and starts meowing at us and coming at us! like a rhino about the charge!!! It wasn't normal meowing either. it was like a dying possessed animal!!! so we thought it would be died by the time we came back...
Nope! it was still possessed the next time we came back for our appointment.. and it was sitting in front of the peoples house! so we asked the lady if it was her cat and she said "no... its creepy isn't it?" we are praying it isn't there today when we return... but oh man... i hate creepy animals! we also got chased away from a house by dogs, and sister bolster got bit on the ankle by a goose! What is with the animals around here?!
A little more about our members!!! We have been trying to get to know them right? because sister bolster has actually only been here for two weeks! she was mid transferred in, then sister Garry and I hopped into the mix last week! oh man. its been interesting. but everyone member keeps telling me I look so young! the oldest anyone thinks I look is 17! we ate at a members house yesterday and her son said I look like the little young woman who  goes around with the missionaries ): ouch! oh well! looking young is good right?! its so funny though because sister bolster is a red head, and sister Garry is blonde as can be. so when we start speaking Spanish people are super surprised and excited.
SPANISH! my Spanish has improved IMMENSELY in the past week! like i feel confident speaking and everything even if i mess up a little! we semi bible bashed the other day with a guy and it was so great being able to speak fairly good Spanish and have him get stumped when i answered his objections! take that Satan! we are bringing the world his truth! I guess it helps that sister Garry hasn't been out long so she can't speak very much in Spanish. so sister bolster and I are pumping out el evangelio nativo style!
Well family and friends! those are my highlights of this past week!! I'm loving it here in McAllen and we have set a goal of 36 baptisms by September 1 in our area! Crazy high, but we know with God's help and our complete dedication, we can do it! We have the member support and prepared people in this area to truly convert hundreds like in the Book of Mormon! So lets make our own modern day miracle story right? Love you all! i wish you the best this week and challenge you to have family prayer! Random right? Here's my reason, the family is being torn apart by the world. we are seeing that more and more here... we need to have that base unit to help us fight against the adversary so we have support and know there is always help! Strengthen your family and I promise you will be unstoppable! :D
Mucho Amor de McAllen!
La Hermana Nielson!


Monday, June 3, 2013

18th Week June 3, 2013

Sister Nielson pack your bags! you are headed to...

Yes! That is right ladies and gentlemen! This week we have transfers and Sister Nielson is leaving Laredo!!!! Its a bittersweet moment for sure! I've definitely developed a whole lot of love for the people in this area and I'm sad to leave them): But I know that when the Lord calls we need to answer! We can't put him on hold or send it to voicemail. He needs us and needs us now!

Shall we review this passed week? (:
Monday! as you know, this was memorial day so we didn't get to email... but I emailed Tuesday! yay! We went downtown and I think I already told about this in my last letter... moving on!

Tuesday! Sister Kreis went down to McAllen for training since she is getting a greenie tomorrow! it was pretty intense working as a trio with sister Andrade and Ninataype! but then we had a lesson with a 16 year old boy... and oh man was that funny. we had to do the chastity and word of wisdom lesson and we had a member there with his 16 year old son. So picture this! we have two 16 year olds, a male member, and 3 sister missionaries explaining to law of chastity... oh yeah. it was great :P

But! we got the message across well and he understood it all so that's good(: that's always the goal!
Wednesday! We had our district meeting! yay for district meeting! and the zone leaders joined us. that was pretty fun. they focused our training that day on the book of Mormon and it was super cool. I'll tell you more about that in a minute...
Thursday! not the best day ever... we had a lot of closed doors but we ended up eating raspas in the drive way of a member who wasn't home... we biked all day as well! oh man... hills and I are just not best friends... but I feel a lot more healthy! I'm so glad to be back out on the bikes after being in the car for two weeks with sister Andrade's broken foot!
Friday! YAY FOR TRANSFER CALLS!!!! Sister Ninataype and I are both leaving Laredo! I am headed to Mission Zone! So I will be down in McAllen! I'm super excited because everyone says the wards are really strong down there and super willing to help with the work! :D So much excitement! also I am going to be in a trio! whoooo! With one sister who has been out for a year and the other has been out for one transfer :D its gonna be a party for sure! I can't wait!
Saturday! The elders decided we would "blitz" the areas! Which means we gave the zone leaders potential investigator names and they went out to find them and we went out with the district leaders. picture this one... 2 elders and 2 sisters knock on your door... whats your first thought? Pretty crazy right?! We didn't have to much success... BUT I SAW A BABY COW! These people had a one month old baby cow in their front yard! it was soooo cute!!! :D
Sunday! We always love sundays right? Well we got to go to all THREE branches that meet at our church... because dariel decided to sleep in... so that made it a very long day but it was awesome because testimony meeting is my very favorite :D also I've become a wise missionary and started packing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for church :) yup. It keeps me from being like the other missionaries and begging the deacons for left over bread :P We had Kimberly and Dariel in church though! Yay! then he stayed for the baptism and admitted he would like to be baptized! we were so excited! unfortunately I wont be here for it ): so I made him promise to write me and tell me about it!

So back to the book of Mormon! I've been trying to finish it before I leave Laredo! and conveniently I only have moroni left to read before tomorrow morning! I'm really excited because when I finish, I get to pray about it all over again and receive confirmation of the truth. in district meeting they talked about how we need to always be praying about the truthfulness of things just like our investigators to strengthen our testimonies. It never hurts to have an extra layer of protection right?
This world is so crazy. Things are falling apart all around us but the one thing that has never changed is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our Heaven Father has always loved us and will always love us as well and I love that! When people ask us how we can be out on bikes in the hot Laredo whether I just think "how can I not be?" We have the greatest message and gift of all! No money can buy the happiness that our Heaven Father's plan brings and it breaks my heart when people think they are too busy and don't need it.
I'm really excited to head down to McAllen and share the gospel with the people in my new area. I know I'll face some of the same challenges we have had up here but I hope I've learned enough to maybe help them come closer to Christ despite those difficulties! So all in all! I challenge you to ready Moroni 10:3-5 and do it! Even if you've done it before. Find some time this week to kneel and pray to your Father in Heaven and ask if these things are from him. I promise you He will answer. Maybe you'll get a "well of course! you already know that!" or maybe it will just be peace. but He wants us to ask questions and build our testimonies every day!
With that I finish my last letter writing here in the Laredo Library! Love you all and I hope you have a great week!!!!!!
-Sister Nielson
p.s. For letters and packages, send them to the mission office address (200 west la vista McAllen texas 78501) because I will live down the street from it and can check it whenever(:

17th Week May 28, 2013

Oh the adventures we have in south Texas.

Oh man have I got some stories this week!!!!!!!!! Super intense! Including: Exchanges, a marriage offer, shrimp!!, and whatever else I can remember as I write!
First! we had exchanges this last week!! We have adopted into our mission "sister training leaders" so they get to come to exchanges with us once a transfer! It was super cool! I got to spend the day with Sister Van Dyke! she actually lived in stansbury for a long time! cool right? we have friends in common! but so we spent the day together and it was super awesome seeing how a different missionary works!  

My favorite part of our adventure was when we went to one of our recently reactivated member's house to eat mole! i don't think i'm spelling that right... but the member has LOTS of dogs and had some super tiny puppies. sister van dyke was in LOVE with the dogs and we ended up leaving a little late because she couldn't pull herself away. it was pretty funny(: oh and i drank my first coke D: don't tell mom! i will never be drinking coke again... against the word of wisdom or no its just nasty and waaay too sweet.

So yeah! exchanges were awesome and super fun! we were all sad to see them leave on Thursday morning! but the poor sisters hadn't worked in their area all week and had a baptism on sunday so it was good for them to head back to corpus!

Now about the marriage offer....
Last week after emails we had our zone activity! we went to the canch and played soccer as well as had a BBQ. Oh man it was pretty fun up until the end.. this homeless guy came up and started asking for food and well of course the elders gave him some. but then he got greedy and they told him now. so he turns to me! D: "Hey Guerra! can you get them to give me more food? You know what Guerra means?! it means white girl!" oh man i was trying so hard not to freak out when he walked closer to me... but then he decided to leave and turned back "Guerra! we are going to get married some day! you wanna know why? because god loves biracial marriages! You believe god loves everyone? he does! life would be boring if we all looked like me or you!" then he walked off. oh man.. it was intense! but at least I have an option if i don't get married right?! Just kidding...
Then the shrimp!!! MOM I ATE MY FIRST SHRIMP AND DIDN'T DIE! I need to apologize to the yorks... i don't think i'm allergic to fish after all! haha we had a family home evening with our investigator at the home of a member! all in Spanish mind you.. that was intense. and the investigator brought this soup. little did i know it had shrimp.. not just pieces. BUT FULL SHRIMP. con los ojos y todos! crazy stuff!!! So i got some then realized what it had a just stared at it... so they asked me if i didn't like it or something and i had to admit i thought i was allergic. so the member panicked and her brother ended up teaching me how to pull the tail and head off so i could try it... oh wow. not my favorite!(it does taste like chicken though!) but i didn't die! so we now know i'm not allergic to shrimp!! good news if i ever go to corpus!!!

Well my friends those were my highlight adventures this week! Oh and it was memorial day! so the library was closed  Monday! hence the Tuesday email (; We had a great pday yesterday though! we went downtown again and i bought a touch screen watch! cool right? i'm pretty proud of it! :D its pink. but little jared (1 year old of a family in our branch) LOVES playing with my watches. so he found out how to work it yesterday at our FHE and man.. he just didn't want to stop! that little man is so cute! he is my current place holder for Thaddeus since i can't teach thad about the gospel yet!

Overall its been a pretty good week! We have transfers this next week though! so Friday we get the call :D Then i will let you know Monday if i stay or leave! so for now, sending mail to the mission home would be your best route until i can let you know if i stay or leave! But thank you to all who do write me hand letters! i know its old fashioned but man... nothing beats the joy of opening the box and seeing a letter with "Sister Nielson" on it! even better is when i get to see my first name :D i almost slipped a few times this last week and introduced my self as courtenae D: awkward! but i  didn't so that's good!

Spiritual thought of the week comes from... The story of nefi! We all know nefi right? (nephi) :D He was pretty brave. he didn't tell the Lord "hey man... that's just too hard! he could kill me... my brothers don't want to go..." he served with diligence and hard work! he didn't let fear keep him from doing exactly what the Lord need WHEN the Lord needed it! I know its super important for us to act on impressions when they come! we can't hesitate and panic because of the people around us or whatever else. we need to act when the Lord needs us to, not when its convenient! had Nephi not gone back when he did, the situation could have ended very different and we wouldn't have the scriptures we have today! I'm grateful for those that have acted on the Lord's impressions when he needed them to and helped me to be where i am and I'm striving each day to act as he needs me to so that I can bless others lives! This week, ACT! don't just think about helping someone and watch, get out there and help! whats the worst that can happen right?
I want you all to know I KNOW this church is true and members are so important in missionary work! oh man i am kicking myself for never going out with the missionaries! They are gonna get tired of me when i get home because i will want to go to every lesson! This gospel is too wonderful NOT  to share! The church is true! be strong and true to it as well! Love you!
Sister Nielson

16th Week May 20, 2013

Feeling hot, Hot, HOT!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen! in the great city of Laredo it is ever so slow but surely heating up! Oh man. I've discovered i prefer dry heat however. because humid it feels ten times worse...

Sometimes we like to make up verbs in Spanish. Like fastiar (to fast) entonces: estamos fastiando (we are fasting!) haha pretty ridiculous. but. my favorite I have made so far is meltiar (to melt)
ESTOY MELTIANDO!!!!!!!! Its bad. I really feel like I'm melting down here haha. Oh well! i can push through the heat because if we look sad and pathetic enough we get water and invited into the nice air conditioning! I think that is how we got into our new investigators house this past week! He invited us in and immediately asked if we would like water and would sit down. he was super nice!

Then we had another lesson with him and brought a member, they got along so well! The member was awesome at answering his questions! (he kind of took the lesson out of our hands a bit... but its what the guy needed to hear so we didn't mind!)
In other news! Remember that investigator I love so much? Kimberly? well. bad news. she didn't come to church): so she can't be baptized next sunday. we are super broken hearted... i wish she would just not be afraid and act. she knows its true! she really does! and she wants this! but... blah we aren't sure what is stopping her right now... we will get to the bottom of this however! i know it!!!!!!!
We didn't have someone at church yesterday though! YAY! This investigator is a 16 year old boy. originally his brother scoped out the church a while ago... then he went atheist. but we went back to see him and found the younger brother instead and we've met with him a few times and he came to church! man if they come to church we are on cloud 9! nobody wants to come to church out here! not even the members.. we had all of 7 people in relief society in one of our branches yesterday... that's including the 4 missionaries... ouch... ah well... that silly agency is just a struggle sometimes! but in the end its all personal choice.
What else exciting news do I have for you.... hmmmm!
Well! We went Downtown last week after emailing! Oh was that an adventure... literally I was staring at line of people coming from mexico into the united states! we were going down a street and looked up to the "enter mexico" sign! Woops! We panicked a little and decided to turn!
Downtown is basically just a bunch of shops! our mission is very spoiled with ties because they can get designer brands(ties costing over 100 dollars) for just a few bucks. so our elders are VERY picky with their ties! Very very. They won't wear anything that isn't pure silk and a brand name. how silly is that? But it is pretty entertaining. they don't even care what their ties looks like, if its pure silk and the brand they like, they will wear it!
Luckily downtown has other things! lots of cute hair stuff and cheap jewelry. I unfortunately didn't buy any because well... my hair is either braided or in a pony/bun every day and I just don't do jewelry very much.. the only thing you know i'm wearing is my ctr ring and watch. its just a fun surprise if i have a necklace or bracelet... its safer that way though because little kids like to play with jewelry. I've had a few try and pull my tag off but i know they mean well(:
I just realized this letter has gone quite a few directions! well friends you now know how my thought process works! not very well..
On the subject of Spanish! which we started with and now return to... I feel a whole lot more comfortable with it!!!!!! I can finally teach in lessons and not feel like a major failure(: always a bonus right? normal conversation not so much however... why can't everyone just talk about the gospel all the time?! i'd be totally set!! Oh well! i will get their eventually. Everything works with time!
My currently scripture giving me some extra... umph! in life is in Mormon! 8:22. basically its saying the eternal purpose of the Lord will roll on! We can't stop this magic happening right now! we can either go with it or it will roll right over us and we will miss the opportunity to serve. So lets reach out and serve! if you haven't gone out with the missionaries, call them up! man we love when members come with us! it makes the lesson so much more powerful and makes the investigator so much more interested! they think all members are like us with rules and what not... they need to know Mormons are people too!!!
That's about all i got for you this week! Be safe and pray hard! This church is TRUE. se que con todo mi Corazon, alma, mente, y fuerza! la obra del Senor es muy importante!
-Hermana Nielson

15th Week May 13, 2013

HAPPY MOMS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So when we get homesick it is referred to as being "trunky" well ladies and gentlemen...
yesterday I got to talk to my mommy, daddy, and brothers.... I was trunky. still am a little. but no worries! this is a new week full of adventure to focus on! Its definitely been a lot better week than some but we have had some random ah inspiring moments!!

First thing I want to tell you about is two of our investigators! They are brother and sister! The sister will be 20 in june and has a 2 year old daughter and husband, I think I've mentioned them before! I love her so much!! She is just wonderful but we had the hardest time getting an appointment with her this week! it was driving us both crazy! but she has been very conscious of us and called to let us know when she had to cancel!(: definitely better than those people who don't let you know so you show up with a member and have to apologize for the lack of investigator.. But anyways! We tried to visit her on Friday and ended up seeing her brother instead! we've talked to him before but he was high... so it didn't really go anywhere for obvious reasons. this time however he was very sober and interested and asking us questions! it was super cool! and in the end he accepted to be baptized on june 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!

Of course there is a but(; they were both supposed to come to church yesterday.... well 1030 rolls around and we call them to remind them. The brother was out drinking all night so he isn't home. and the sister isn't feeling well at all so she can't come): heart breaking to work so hard with people and then have them not come! but its ok. we still love them! So we went by at 6 last night to see the brother and he was outside but definitely still drunk. he apologized a bunch and told us he had friends over so he couldn't talk to us but his sister was home so we could talk to her. so we waited for him to get her and ended up getting introduced to his friends. at which point a very drunk Mexican boy told me I was pretty(: awkward but flattering considering I was in my glasses and had my fluffy pony tail going on. oh well! take compliments where you can get them!
So we ended up sitting with the sister and figuring out if she really wanted to be baptized. she said she did and we taught her about the restoration! oh man the spirit was SOOOO strong!! then after she prayed to know about joseph smith and about her new BD (May 26!) and received SPIRITUAL CONFIRMATION!!!!! which means: JACK POT OF GOLD!!!!!!!! sort of. we also talked about the word of wisdom, she is quitting smoking and hasn't done it for 2 weeks now and promised to not drink tea! yay!!!!! Milagros en Laredo!
Next thing I want to tell you about is invitation sunday! this sunday(mothers day) was set aside for everyone to invite people and not worry about the missionaries attacking fresh spiritual meat(; we were all excited but nobody came): well besides the members. but I had a thought during it as my compy talked about being a 4 year convert to the church...
here's my though:
Everyone is a convert to the church. No one is born like Christ knowing exactly that the church is true(well he established it so yeah he knows) We all at some point in our lives are learning about the church and have to make the decision of whether to say "yes I know its true" or search more to find our own answer. So when people look at those who have been "members there whole life" and think that we have had it easy. They are dead wrong. maybe a little easier in some cases but we all have to pray for that confirmation at some point. I know I didn't actually start getting a testimony until I went to my first girls camp and had to stand up in the testimony meeting and say I didn't know if I had one. My bishops wife stood up after me and said "if you don't have one, now is the time to start." and I've always remembered that. I don't know if she even remembers that moment but it really did mean a lot to me and I've tried since then to have a testimony of the gospel.
I'm grateful for all the people who have helped my testimony grow in some way or another with their words, actions and support. we were talking about when we feel like we have grown the most in the mission and I think the MTC was my first huge leap of growth! I didn't realize how much I did know about the gospel and how much I didn't until I was sitting in an uncomfortable desk reading all day long...
Oh! again! happy mothers day!!! It was seriously so wonderful talking to my family but I wish my sister would have been there too! I would have loved to hear my nephew squawk and some smart comment from my dear brother in law(:
all in all my friends and family: LIFE IS GOOD. The church is true! and man some of you need to bust out the pen and paper and write me a note!!! I accept notes and letters of all kind! Honestly my favorites are some that have the words" just figured I should write you something fast" those make me smile unceasingly and give me an extra boost to push through the hard days!  Thank you all for your prayers and know that I'm praying for many of you as well! I didn't know what it was like to have sore knees from praying until these past couple weeks.
Be safe! Tell your mom you love her! The church is true! and if you don't know it, FIND OUT! God is waiting at the door to give you the answer!
Mucho amor de Laredo,
Sister Nielson