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77th Week, July 14, 2014

Stereotypical missionary moments!

You know when you are little you just picture the missionaries right? and what a mission would be like! all those cool things that always happen to missionaries.. well i had a couple of those this last week that made me feel like a real missionary :) I love when that happens! First off,
we had exchanges on Saturday! SOoo much fun :) Exchanges are always a blast but this one was a little different from the last.
It was weird because i realized it was my last official exchange... wooo that's weird! But it was fun. I left Sister Tovar in our area for the first time (man was she scared!) and i went to an area in McAllen to be with one of the STLs. it was a little awkward because the sister i was with has only be out for about 11 months..  and well... I've been out a little bit longer! So she kept trying to give me this very basic mission advice of all these things I should change in the next two weeks and it definitely bugged me a little... but I realized  that she is doing the best she can :) So I just smiled and took her advice and will apply it the best i can with this little bit of time I have ;) Well! The stereotypical missionary moment that day was that we were biking! Man was I happy to be on the bike again! We biked from 1pm-7pm :) soooo great! but... it rained.. and i don't mean a cute little drizzling rain like we sometimes get. It was one of those POURING Texas rains where the street floods and everything! We were soaked! and as we road through the streets, drenched, all i could think was "man I'm gonna miss this!! when else will i have the opportunity to ride a bike, in a skirt, in a Texas rain storm?!" :) But the downside was, its still hot when it rains. So we got into someone's house and they were blasting the AC. Soaking wet + AC = Cold cold missionaries!!
So that was a great moment on Saturday! We had a lot of success though and Sister Tovar reported back to me that night and said that they only got lost twice! :) I love her! She's such a cute little missionary haha.

Next stereotypical missionary moment... Never in my mission have i had a baptism fall through the day of the baptism... I thought I was pretty cool for that... welp... it happened! We were supposed to be baptizing these two little girls yesterday... first it got a little rocky when the 8 year old informed us she wasn't ready to be baptized... so we told her ok. we can wait til next week and your sister will get baptized this sunday :) all was good! everything in place! Then we got a text from the mom sunday morning saying that the dad of the girls is in town and they wouldn't be attending church... We tried EVERYTHING. we went to their house, knocked on the door, tried talking to the dad (he wouldn't come out)... it was bad :( we were soo bummed. But we figure, there is a reason. If the girls aren't supposed to get baptized right now, we will do everything we can to help them make the right choice, then leave it up to the Lord! Agency is a pain sometimes! a blessing and curse!

So those were my two really good stereotypical moments :)
also this week, we had interviews with President!! Love that!!! It was soooo good!!!! :) I love interviews! Seriously the best thing ever! Not too much detail more on that... but just know .... it was great :)

We also had FIRST COMP TRAINING! WOOOHOO! :) haha this is the big meeting with all the trainers and their greenies where we go and talk about the struggles or things going well :) There was something president shared that i loved and I think applies to EVERYONE in some way. He said that there are moments in the mission we must choose between being a "good missionary" and being a "good companion". Example, when our companion is sick and we really want to go out and work but you know they are miserable, sometimes you have to take time to stay home and get better... that just happens. In life, I think we sometimes have to choose between being a "good person" in the world's eyes vs a "good person" in the eyes of God. When we choose the world's way because we fear man more than God we are being a good person in the world's eyes... But when we make those hard decisions and choose the path God desires for us... we are becoming a good person in God's eyes. Its hard to see the line sometimes i think though... because God does want us to succeed in life and enjoy it! But there are more important things to be done sometimes than what we think is the most important! Just looking for that eternal perspective ;)

So that's kind of been on my mind for a while! I know that when I get home, i want to be able to look back and feel that I was a good missionary and good companion! Then I want to be able to make good choices to be a good person in the eyes of my Heavenly Father :) That is the real goal :) Show Him that I am grateful for all I've been given by using it in the BEST way possible :)
I invite you all to think about that this week as you make decisions every day! "Am I doing this to be recognized by the world as a good person? Or so that my God will know that I love him and follow Him?" I know that is the question I will be asking myself every day as I finish out my time here in the Great TEXAS MCALLEN MISSION! :D I LOVE being a missionary and I love serving my Savior! I know that the work doesn't stop when you take the tag off, but I have to make the BEST of every last moment I've got as a full time servant of the Lord Jesus Christ! I know that this is His work and that He desires the salvation and happiness of all of us! and I share this with you in his Sacred name, even Jesus Christ, amen!

Hermana Nielson

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