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73rd Week, June 16,2014

Spanish > English

Woohoo!!! So our week was insane. We are affectionately calling it our week of hardcore YOLO. (you only live once). Because, we had about 2 trips to the doctors, one car accident, a spanish ward fathers day party (no one parties like the spanish ward!) 1 confirmation and a BAPTISM! Wooohoo!!
And from this all, there is are many things I've learned but one that I want to share that is most important, Following the spirit!!!
On Thursday we went to the doctor for Sister Tovar's arm. They did another xray and it turns out she didn't just fracture her bone, there is something else possibly wrong and we will be going back for an MRI this week... that's a little nerve wracking for sure... But on our way back, we decided to adventure a little and see if we could get back to Edinburg a little faster... All was going good and we weren't lost at all. but then suddenly.. we stop at a red light and feel the car jerk forward. So we both look back and see that we've been hit! D: in the brand new car that was loaned to us I got in an accident! Crap! So I get out to see the damage and literally, its like 2 scratches above the wheel but we still have to call the police. the lady starts panicking and telling me how she doesn't have tags on her car and she totaled her other car and it will get towed.. so as I'm calling, I look away for two seconds and hear her car start again... I turn around and they are driving away! What the heck?! Hit and run! So the police come and we file the report and everything, then we go home and call all the people we have to inform... Then... we went out to work... :) That night my greenie and I sat down to plan for the next day and she just stares at me for a minute. Then says something quite profound. "We just keep going don't we?" so I asked what she meant and she pointed out that we had been in an accident, she had a broken wrist, I had a freak out a little bit(yes dad, I cried because we got hit) But we still went out to work and teach people. I told her yeah. that's why we are here!
It really opened my eyes too. Because I didn't think about it... I just knew we had appointments and goals to meet, so even though everything bad happened, we still needed to go to work. It was just satan's way of matching all the good things we were doing to send us personal trials to distract us. But we didn't let it work! Rojelio got confirmed yesterday and Ivan was baptized! It was a great baptism and the spirit was wonderful! Ivan is a professional boxer and so right before the baptism we asked if he was nervous he said "well when I go to fights I get nervous, but this isn't anything bad. its good. so I'm not nervous at all"
It reminded me that this work really isn't about us! I love serving the Lord! Its amazing to feel like you truly are an instrument in the hands of God to bring salvation to others.

One last thing.... Happy Father's Day yesterday! We had an awesome Spanish ward party on Saturday and I definitely got a little trunky for my dad and sad that we can't call dad's on fathers day. but one of the members sent pictures of all of us to our dads :) so I think that worked out well! I'm grateful for my great dad who has taught me the importance of the priesthood and always been an example of service to others!

I love you all and hope this week is truly a blessed one! I will be finishing my mission here in Edinburg and finish training Sister Tovar! I'm so happy and feel so blessed! also Sister Diaz is going to train! So I'm going to be a grandma in the mission! Best feeling ever to know your baby is training! :) Love you!

Hermana Nielson

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