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76th Week, July 7, 2014

Happy 4th of July!!!
I'm excited for next 4th of July when I can see the fireworks and don't just hear them and feel like Texas is trying to attack Mexico or something! We literally heard fireworks all night long and have great neighbers that like to blast Tejano music :) Yup! That's the 4th of July in Texas :)
I'm sure we had a crazy cool week.. but the time is passing so fast and slow that I can barely remember it! So I'll just tell you about the 4th :) We started the day with a breakfast from the ward! That was fun :) they had us missionaries sing a musical number... :) That was amusing to say the least ;) But it was good and the members loved it! Then we went and  did service for a member! They manage apartments so we were helping them clean up an apartment that had recently be vacated. It was fun because we got to paint :) I told sister Tovar all about my lunch ladies I did paint crew with... I think that job was definitely preparing me for the mission!

We only got to go out and work for 3 hours on the 4th because it gets a little dangerous here... so we had to be in by 630 and it was weekly planning day so we didn't get to leave until 3! Yikes! but we definitely made the best of the time we could and went hunting for people :)

As for people we are teaching! We are hoping to have 2 baptisms this sunday with the girls that we have been teaching :) Their mom is a little flojo still.... Flojo... I can't remember that word in English.. kind of like lazy. But she is still super wanting the girls to be baptized so we are going today to see what the game plan is :) Then! We are teaching another family! But not just a family... We found these two kids outside one day and taught them a little right? They are 14 and 13. Then we went back to teach their mom and met their brother and his wife and set baptismal dates with all of them! Then they referred us over to her other daughter and her husband and they are committed to baptism on the 3rd of August! Unfortunately the brother and his wife actually live in the elders area... but its still cool that all of them are being taught by missionaries currently! We are really excited and hope to see them progress quickly and maybe get baptized before I leave ;)

That was kind of our main excitement this last week :) We did a lot of walking because we are supposed to do 2 bike days a week in our mission but because of sister Tovar's arm we can't bike... Speaking of which! Everything is healing well and she got her new cast today :) We went for purple this time ;) Definitely a lot of fun right there :) I didn't know that your skin peels off when you get a cast off... Gross!

On a spiritual note... I was reading in the book of Ruth in the bible :) Well actually I read in Spanish so it was the book of Rut. :) But as I was reading I was thinking about the future and things that are important... I've been keeping this little "trunky" list in the back of my planner where I write the things I want to do and what not for after the mission :) As I was reading I was thinking about eternal marriage and how when you get married, people joke that you marry the family. But really... you do! you are sealed to that family! So you have to be loyal to them! Its kind of like the mafia.... :) only not! Haha! But it just made me think a lot about how its super important to not only love the person you marry, but love their family as well and be good to them! Kind of like a mission companion! You have to love your companion and naturally your family loves your companion and wants to help them :) Kind of like my companion from Guatemala :) she was sooo overwhelmed and cried when she saw all the little things that people had sent her for Christmas. Completely strangers. Yet they were kind enough to help her feel loved. Its amazing! I'm sorry if this all sounds a little scattered but it was just something cool I've been thinking about :) The love we have for those around us is sooo important!
I hope you all have a great week!
Love you!
Remember to be kind to others this week and help them feel a little more love!

Hermana Nielson

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