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75th Week, June30, 2014

Every crazy possible...

Muy Buenos Dias a Todos!!!
Sister Tovar and I have decided that every crazy thing possible is going to happen to us while we are together... This last week was no exception.
First of all... we had a super cool ALL sisters meeting!! all the sisters in teh mission got together and had a meeting with the APs, Mission president and his wife and so on. It was great!!! I got to take a family picture  with my three daughers in the mission and my two granddaughters :) That was super cool! A lot of the meeting was talking about our divine potential! Lots of sisters get this mind block that Elders are more successful than us... FALSE! I'd like to humbly say that in the month of June, the sisters in edinburg out baptized the Elders! yup! :) We were excited ;) Every sister companionship(3) baptized in our zone and our companionship had two baptisms. So they talked a lot about how we need to realize that we are called and ordained by the SAME AUTHORITY to teach the gospel. It doesn't matter if we do the physical action of baptizing or not... we are still representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ with his authority to teach and call people unto repentance! :)
Next crazy moment... We had a little scary experience this week which involved takling to the police! Yup! My greenie was pretty freaked out. We had decided to walk around and we left our car in a bank parking lot right? Well, we got super hungry and went to eat at subway right acrossed the street. On the way back at the stop light, as we waited for the light to change, this crazy guy starts talking to us. We of course were good missionaries and gave him a pass along card and invited him to church, but then he went off on this story about getting jumped by a couple of guys and his car breaking down and needing money... It wasn't a big deal until i saw a cop car pull into the parking lot acrossed the street next to our car and just sit there watching us....
Well eventually he stops talking and turns around and sees the cop and runs across the street to talk to him. Sister Tovar and I were thinking "oh good! lets get in the car and get out of here!" well the moment I get in the car and start to back out, another police car pulls up and the guy gets out and tells my companion to go talk to him. well she panics and runs to me... :) My cute greenie. So we get out and he just asks about the crazy guy and if he did anything to scare us or anything. It wasn't too exciting overall now that I think back about it, but in the moment, we were pretty freaked out.
And through this all, my testimony of protecting angels has been strengthened! The bonus of being a missionary in a place you aren't familiar with is that you don't know how dangerous it is. You  have absolutely no clue what person is crazy, has been to jail, or anything like that. We get the happy rose colored glasses of knowing that everyone is a child of God and he wants them back on the right path! So we are here to help with that :) When I was in Laredo, i never felt like I was in danger, but when I mentioned that I started my mission there, people congratulate me on getting out alive!
Speaking of starting my mission... Today is my official 17 month mark of being a missionary! How crazy is that?! 17 Months ago, I waved good bye to my mom, dad and brother at the MTC as Chris tried playing "God Be with you til we meet again" on the radio :) Well I can testify that God has been with me these past months and He will for sure be with me in this last month as we race to the finish! I know every day is going to fly by in slow motion and I'm so excited to see the miracles that are sure to happen! My companion and I have been sooo blessed so far and I know that there is still more to come! I'm grateful for all the prayers said on our behalf and for all the love and support from everyone! I testify that this is the true church of God restored on the earth through a prophet called of God. I know that the Book of Mormon is true and I'm so grateful for the guidance I receive as I read it! I love you all and I hope these are things you know as well! If not, its time to read and pray ;) I share these things with you in the name of Jesus Christ amen!
Hermana Nielson
ps. We taught YW in spanish this week! :) That was cool! I love the priesthood!!!
pps. the attached picture is my posterity in the mission! Woohoo :)

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