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71st Week, June 9, 2014

Baptisms and Broken Bones!

alrighty so here's the real email for the week!
Man it has been CRAZY!!! well. not all of the week just the end.. from Thursday to Sunday things got really crazy weird man!! woo!
So Thursday we had our zone conference. my last one in the mission! It broke my heart to realize I wont ever go to a zone conference as a missionary again! maybe someday as a couple missionary though :) That would be good! So in your last zone conference here, the missionaries who go home before the next one give their "Dying testimony". So I got to give mine with all the other "Dying missionaries" which included Sister Kreis! how cool is that? we started together and we are pretty much finishing together! Unless we get transferred next week! haha that would be a bummer! Also I finished my language program so that was super fun to get my certificate! Soo much hard work! I had to do 4 consecutive days of speaking only Spanish! I almost died but my companion was a good sport and put up with it :) we looked pretty funny walking around with me speaking Spanish and her speaking English. That's the Texas McAllen Mission for you!

Then Friday night we had our next epic adventure... we were biking home right? so about a quarter of a mile from the house, we are crossing this main road and I hear behind me a big "whoosh". I look back, and there's my little greenie lying in the middle of the road, both of her shoes flew off in different directions and she hit  her face/helmet hard enough on the ground to knock the front plastic part off the helmet. That was pretty scary. Luckily her face is totally fine :) not a scratch! But her wrist... that's a different story. We called the elders freaking out and they just said "oh move it around and ice it! she'll be fine!" well we iced it but it kept swelling. So we called our mission presidents wife, we went to the urgent care, got an xray. Yep shes got two cracks in the bone and needs a cast :) Nice advice elders ;) oh well! Its taken care of now so that's good! She was bummed though when she realized her first baptism picture would be with a cast! Haha poor kid!

Baptism!!! We had a baptism! Yay! Our cute little Mexican grandpa got baptized yesterday :) It was sooo great! We had a pretty good turn out with the members to support him as well :) Yay!! We were a little nervous because the Ward Mission Leader had made a little fuss about him getting baptized... but the Lord worked it all out for the best so it was a wonderful event! The best part was during the service when the members were giving talks and he was just talking back and forth with them as they talked to him about baptism and the holy ghost. as they told him that the holy ghost would always be his companion he said "oh ok! esta bien :)" (basically mean ok that's good!) It was adorable! I realized that I seriously love each and every one of our investigators we have right now sooo much! They are all so unique and wonderful and truly have good desires to change. I love it! Its awesome to see the changes they make! Rogelio even wore a button up shirt to church today :)

As for other investigators! We have about 5 people we are seriously working with right now :) our 2 in Spanish that came to church this week and last week, and then this mom and her two daughters in English :) they are soo great! we have lessons with all 5 of them tonight! Woohoo!! the work is carrying on and I know the Lord is leading us and blessing us for being super obedient and working hard! I love it! This is truly the Lord's work we are ALL participating in. It really can't just be the missionaries doing everything, we are sent to find, teach, and invite people to come unto Christ, after that, the members need to do there part to help and support one another in every righteous way. Its amazing! The Lord has got it all figured out.

On a side note, I'm going to finish the Book of Mormon this week for the 3rd time in Spanish and the 6th time in my mission :) Its been so cool just looking for the parts when Christ is mentioned and marking His name. Anyone who says the Book of Mormon isn't another testament of Jesus Christ is super wrong! and I have the book the prove it! I know the Book of Mormon is true and I'm so grateful for the peace I feel just reading it or even thinking about the stories of the prophets of old. I'm grateful for the sacrifices the early saints made to protect it and make sure that we would have it now :) I love you all and hope you have a wonderful week!!!
Hermana Nielson

ps. next week is transfers! am I staying or leaving  :O oh no!

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