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74th Week, June 23, 2014


Whats better than finding people to teach? Having people you teach come to church!
Better than that? Them getting baptized!
Better than that? Them getting confirmed!
Better than that? Them excited to pay their tithing!!
Woohoo!! You know you're helping a good solid person to be converted when they get all excited about paying their tithing :) Yeah Ivan is awesome!
Ivan was baptized last week and got confirmed a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints yesterday! Then after church he waited for us to show him exactly where the tithing envelopes were so that he could pay his tithing :) Can you say golden?! Yeah he's awesome!
He was our major high light of the week for sure!
This week feels like it was incredibly SLOW but here we are again writing emails on Monday!
Tuesday this last week was transfers, a lot of people from our zone left but sister Tovar and I are still here going strong! The other sisters we live with changed and now Sister Hunt is training a new greenie from California! They are super fun and we are having a great time in our house :) Lots of hard work getting done! Its so great to live with sisters that was working hard so that we can all encourage each other and give support at the end of a hard day too!
As for Sister Tovar's arm.... She had an MRI and we went to the doctor Friday. For now she is clear and free and doesn't need surgery! But she does have a nice big red cast :) we go back in two weeks to re-xray and make sure everything is still good. She's for sure going to have a cast for the next 8 weeks though... so my biking days in the mission are pretty much over :( Sad day! I miss my wonderful bike!

The big adventure of the week... We killed chickens for service. Yup. It was horrifying. We thought we would be cutting their heads off and that didn't seem to bad... nope! The member decided he would twist their necks and kill them that way.... Super gross! Then we had to cut the heads off and drain the blood and pluck them... Yup... I'm proud to say not one of us 4 sisters that did it threw up! But I'm definitely on a chicken fast for at least the next week! It was awful! The last chicken, the member was twisting its head and it literally ripped off! Blood flew EVERYWHERE. I've also sworn an oath to never help with chicken killing again. Sorry dad...

So those were our main adventures of the week! I've noticed the closer to the end you get, the more tired you feel all the time! I'm just exhausted! But my cute greenie is keeping me going and I'm pushing her to her limits to make sure she knows everything she needs to before I leave her here to fend for herself!

Last thought, I finished my Book of Mormon project! Reading it in Spanish and marking Christ's name every time He is mentioned. Now I've started over, the book has Christ marked in red and now I'm marking faith in blue and repentance in yellow. Its fun to search the scriptures for a topic because you become so much more attentive to what is going on and how those things are applied to what is happening to the people... I'm hoping that I can finish the book a 7th time before I come home but its definitely going to be a challenge! I'm so grateful to have the Book of Mormon as a guide and help in my life! The scriptures really become a blessing when we are willing to do the studying required to know how to find things to help other people :) I love it!
I testify to you that the Book of Mormon is true. I know it. I know it because I've read it and prayed to my Father in Heaven and He has answered me! I know that through the scriptures we can find more peace and happiness than anywhere else! It is the Lord's set of rules and instructions for life and I love it! I love you all as well and I hope that you have a fantastic week! If you have a free moment, write a letter to your favorite missionary! and me! ;)

Stay Strong! Stay True!

Hermana Nielson

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