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70th Week, June 2, 2014

What a WEEK

FIRST OF ALL!!! We had a huge miracle this last week... instead of just ONE person coming to church.... we had THREE!!!! My greenie nearly cried she was so excited and had no clue what to do! It was great :) We hooked them up with members though and sent them off to class while we ran around doing other things :) It was super wonderful!! all three of them are preparing for baptism in the next two weeks :D Sooo exciting! My greenie is just dying of happiness, which is a lot better than dying of heat! Did I mention Texas is HOT?! its starting to seriously heat up and there are moments we just stop and sit in the shade for a second to cool down a little... yikes! its only starting! The best part though.... the really hot month is August ;) Guess who wont have to endure that heat again? :D

So about our cute investigators :) One is a cute little old man. He is literally the most adorable thing of my life. 72 and never been married and doesn't speak a lick of English! Its great :) He has been the best first investigator for my cute little greenie because he doesn't have any word of wisdom or chastity issues! Woohoo!! Haha that probably sounds pretty funny... but as a missionary, those problems are super stressful! So we are teaching him and he just loved church sooo much. We did a church tour with him this last week and our member that was helping us pointed out all the pictures in the church to him. In the Edinburg chapel, there is this giant painting of the angels appearing to the apostles right? Well as we were looking at this picture, we were all thinking of the angels, but of course this cute little old man is drawn to the little donkey in the corner of the picture. He repeated kept going back to the picture during church and petting "el burrito!" (little donkey... not food) It was adorable and we seriously love him :) He's like the Mexican grandpa I never had! ;)

Our other two investigators are brothers! They are super great! one was taught by missionaries before in Brownsville. Coolest thing? some of the members at church already knew him! They were actually in Brownsville when he went to church there! Woohoo!!! SOoo much happiness!!! So they came to church and loved it! Blessings from the Lord for sure!!!

Besides that.. My greenie and I had another great learning moment this morning :)
I've been thinking a lot about sacrifices and what it means to sacrifice. I realized that when we do things out of love, it doesn't feel like a sacrifice... Like when a woman is going to school and quits to help her husband or take care of kids, I bet it doesn't feel like a sacrifice because its out of love that she does it... When the Savior suffered for our sins, I would bet it didn't feel like a sacrifice, because it was done out of love. But in the world, we always feel like we are having to sacrifice right? In the mission, you have to give up being with your family, watching tv, listening to "good" music, hanging out with friends and what not. People are always telling us how much they admire us because of what we do, but they still don't want to listen... I wish they understood how much we as missionaries love them! Every single person in my area I can say I love! even if there are a few creepy guys we choose not to talk to... its out of love... haha! It doesn't feel like a sacrifice any more to have given up all of those things because of the miracles I've seen so far and because of all the blessings I've received, the people I've served have received, and my wonderful friends and family back home have received. Its worth every second. Its not a sacrifice any more to ride the bike, its a privilege that I love and look forward to every day. Vale la pena! That's what every says! Its worth the pain!

I truly am so grateful to be giving up so many worldly things so that I can sweat all day on a bike with my cute companion and help others know that the Lord loves them. Its an honor! I know that this church is true and that the Lord is leading and guiding this great working of saving souls and I'm so very grateful to be a part of it and know that many of my friends are doing the same thing all over the world! Its truly amazing and only could happen with the power and help of God! and I share these things with you in the sacred name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ amen!

Hermana Nielson

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