Thursday, May 28, 2015

69th Week, May 26 2014


Ok. So as we all know... yesterday was Memorial Day! Happy Memorial Day and Extra special preparation day! Because we couldn't email, that gave us an extra hour to adventure :) Yes. Yes we did. We went to a little place called Boot Jack. and Man... I was in heaven!!!!! :D I tried on lots of boots and got the opinions of everyone and well brothers and sisters.... I have the boots!!! Beautiful boots! Gorgeous boots!! But... I'm not sending you all a picture of them :) Sorry! You will see them in 9 weeks when I walk through the airport :)
As for this last week of adventures! It has been a fun one for sure! We seriously biked like CRAZY!!! last monday night we had to bike from one side of our area, to the other, and then to the bottom of the area in the 3 hours that we had to work.. my greenie almost cried she was so tired! I felt super bad! I didn't tell her the actually distance we biked though... because I figured ignorance was bliss! :) Poor greenie! She's working sooo hard though and I'm super proud of her! We've been working really hard on our teaching skills and she's improved like crazy from when we first started together :)
On that note, this week has been another huge learning experience for me! My greenie got her first REAL taste of what its like living outside of Utah :) We have a less active member who lives with her boyfriend, has 4 kids(none of which have the same dad) and her boyfriend is moving out soon because they are breaking up. Did I mention this person is 21? yep. So thats not a typical Utah situation. afterwards she said to me "i don't know how that seems ok!" and i pointed out to her that we are in the world right now. Its not ok and its not what God wants... but its whats happening. Thats why mission work is sooo important! We have to help those people remember their worth and help them know the importance of the commandmants God has given us! My cute little greenie :) Its made me think a LOT about when I was in Laredo... Wooo man good times :)
We also had exchanges this last week! That was exciting :) My baby was a little scared to be seperated from me, but she had a super good time! I got to work with Sister Beckstrand (also from utah!) So that was really fun :) We played the hunting game all saturday where we tried tracking down all those people we have invited to church and committing them to come! In the end, we had about 5 people committed to coming to church! Then sunday morning rolled around and we called them all and well... 3 of the people who were coming to spanish ward all said they would come... then 9 oclock hits.... and we call again.... and they starting backing out! Gah!!! Darn that agency!!! Sometimes i wish i could just drive to their houses, throwing them in the car and bring them to church! That would be sooo nice! :P So that was a bummer. But we have made it a goal to be happy no matter what. So  as i was feeling a little depressed my greenie smiled at me and said "Happy in every situation Hermana!" My first thought was to chew her out for being happy people didn't come, but thankful i smiled and chose to be happy instead :) Oh my cute little greenie!
So those are a few of our exciting adventures this week :) Nothing too crazy but definitely an adventure! The Lord is playing with my mind currently and making every day seem extremely long.. but then i blink and suddenly I'm here emailing again and I don't know where the time went! Blessing and a Curse I'm calling it. I'm grateful to have this time left to serve the Lord though! I know without a shadow of a doubt I'm EXACTLY where i need to be and doing exactly what the Lord wants and how truly grateful i am for that! :D The Lord works in mysterious ways and I know that He is doing some crazy things right now to prepare me for the future! I hope I can learn all the lessons i need to before this time is up! Our mission president always tell us that the mission is the Universidad de Los Dioses! The University of Gods! we have to go home with a backpack full of experiences! Mine is definitely getting pretty stuffed! :D I know that this is the Lords work and that He is guiding it every second! I know that the Book of Mormon is true and the best way to receive spiritual guidance! These things I leave with you in the sacred name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, amen!
Hermana Nielson

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