Thursday, September 19, 2013

22nd Week, July 1, 2013

 Bienvenido a nuestro presidente nuevo!!!

Thats right ladies and gentlemen! The Great Texas Mcallen Mission said good bye to the Trayners this last week and we received the wonderful Maluenda Familia!! We are super excited for the changes they will bring but it was a bitter sweet goodbye! The Maluendas are actually native to chile! super cool huh? I bet that elder in chile would be able to communicate a lot better with them than i can currently because they prefer to only speak spanish... yikes! we call the mission presidents wife for medical help and we need to learn all our medical terms in spanish PRONTO! "hermana... tengo.. problemas... con... mi... boca? uh... nariz? no se!!" it will definitely be fun if i have to call her! haha
But enough about that! on to the stuff you really want to know! Our El Salvadorian investigators!!!!! So we had our hearts broken this last week... we have been meeting with this family (sort of... bits of pieces of family. cousins and nieces) and they are soooo prepared for the gospel! They are truly the prepared lamanites the book of mormon talks about! But they all want to travel up north and leave this week... we felt like dumped prom dates. i've decided dating a lot has prepared me for my mission because literally it feels like a heartbreaking dump when you have someone say they don't want to learn any more or tells you not to come back... ouch! So they have decided to leave us but we are praying like crazy they will stay a little longer!
This week is the fourth of July!! in the past we have been required to come indoors early because people in Texas... oh man they party hard on the fourth! Fireworks and such and there are stories of people shooting guns up in the air and someone dying because well.. what goes up must come down! but this year we are told to spend time with members and stay away from fireworks! That should be interesting for sure!!!

We had zone conference this last week and it was the trayners last one in the mission! oh man i have never seen so many 20 year old men cry! It was intense!!! We learned some super awesome things though that I really enjoyed! and the best part of zone conference is the ridiculous games!!
Spiritual moment!!! last Pday the sisters decided we should go shopping! somehow i got a group of shoppers... big surprise! so we played soccer with the elders( i rocked at it. just so you know. i totally went after the ball when our natives had it and got it! didn't score... but someday i will!) then we went to the mall! I had the most epic moment of my mission so far! We were just wandering and i was smiling at a little baby boy as his dad was chasing him down. well then the dad stops and looks at my tag and says "hermana??? habla en espanol!" to which i replied! why yes i do! and we talked for a little bit! he told me about his family and stuff and i asked if i could give him a card! so i gave him a finding faith in christ card and he committed to calling and getting the dvd! i didn't get an address because he is moving in five days... but how cool is that?! i had a totally spanish conversation and understand everything and shared some gospel ALONE! no help!! because the sisters were shopping... which i forgive them for! ;D it was a super awesome experience though! its crazy how happy people are that we are trying to speak their language.. they are seriously so patient with us.
We had one of our el salvadorians say how much he loves us because he is in our country and we are learning to speak his language! i love the spanish language so much! this week we are planning to only speak spanish and i seriously can't wait!!
Thats about all i have that was interesting and good this past week! it was kind of a rough week for us but this one will be better! Love you all! The church is true!! SHARE THE GOSPEL!
-Sister Nielson

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