Thursday, September 19, 2013

25th Week, July 22, 2013

Dumped like a bad prom date..

Well this week has been a bit flip floppy! Conveniently I forgot my journal so i can't give you any play-by-plays! Haha works out well right? But here's the highlights that i can remember!

Sister Bolster headed home on Tuesday and I officially took over as senior companion! I now know how stressful it feels to ask your companion what you should do and have them turn to you and say "i don't know you are the senior companion!" basically the only thought that went through my head the first time was "oh shoot." We even had our first door slammed in our faces as a solo companionship haha! But no worries! We are all learning right? The secret is acting like you totally know whats going on all the time(;

Sister Garry and I have realized that we have to put our FULL trust in the Lord right now. We aren't completely fluently and sometimes have to resort to hand gestures to figure out what our spanish speakers mean, but we aren't going to give up! We chosen Moroni 7:33 as our theme scripture for the week!

"And Christ hath said: if ye will have faith in me ye shall have power to do whatsoever thing is expedient in me."
We know that the Lord whats us to bring souls unto Him, so if we will be faithful and focused, we WILL be blessed for sure! There truly are people prepared every where in the world. they are just waiting for the right person to knock at their door at the right moment. and with that being said, our no knocking rule has been lifted! No to say we are going to knock all the doors now, but we will definitely be trying some more ways of finding people.

To explain the subject line, we literally had all of our investigators drop us this week... It could be seen as a bad thing, but i see it as good because we are starting with a fresh slate. It is now time for my compy and I to find the people prepared specifically for us to teach at this time!

Best Adventure of the week!
We have decided in an effort to be more healthy that we will bike more. Oh yes. So we biked on thursday! that wasn't so bad. it was actually pretty fun! then on Saturday we biked again and sister garry decided to try wearing a pencil skirt to see if that was better because it wouldnt be able to flip up like my skirts sometimes do(i learned the bike trick though! you put your seat as high as you can stand it and your skirt stays down easier! dunno why! but it does!) so she is riding in her little skirt and then as i'm locking my bike up I hear "sister nielson!!!! sister nielson look!!!!" i looked up in time to see my companion riding side saddle on her bike and go STRAIGHT BACKWARDS! No worries, she isn't injured at all! but it was the funniiest thing i have ever see in my life. the bike went down first and then i thougth she had caught herself but nope! you can't really catch yourself in a pencil skirt so she went right down on top of it and well... so much for not having her skirt fly up! it seriously was hilarious. i just stood there laughing for a second after she announced she was ok! Then as we were riding back to the apartment to get our car, it started raining. Yup. Picture this one, two white girls riding bikes in the car lane in the rain in texas! i hope you got a chuckle out of that one because we were laughing super hard as everyone looked at us like we were crazy. maybe we are... oh well! I love my companion!
Last event of the week was our convert being confirmed and receiving the holy ghost! she was sooo excited and her kids came to sacrament meeting!(they aren't members... yet!) She received a very sweet blessing and I'm excited to see what things unfold with their family!
Overall that was basically my first week as a senior companion! Pray for the success of the Texas McAllen Mission! and all missionaries! but most of all i challenge you to pray for a missionary experience and carry a book of mormon with you every where! There is someone just waiting to receive it! i promise! The church is true and the Lord blesses all those that embark in his work!  Una obra maravillosa!
Love you all!
-Sister Nielson!


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