Monday, September 30, 2013

30th Week, August 26, 2013

Sister Nielson pack your bags

Soooo. This week has been crazy intense!! we have transfers tomorrow!!! So here's how everything was told to me...
Tuesday night we get a text from our awesome zone leaders that says "The meeting starts at 10 :)" and of course sister garry and i panic thinking "what meeting?!" so we text back asking and just get a reply of "hahahahahaha" ... fishy or what?! So we called and asked what was up and they said we would be getting a call soon and that person would need to be at the la vista chapel at 10am for a meeting! so sister garry and i starting placing bets which one of us was training... well then we see President Maluenda on our phone! AHHHH!!
They called me to be a trainer! I'm gonna finish training a sister! So in training, we have this program thats the first 12 weeks of your mission... well this sister has done the first 6 and i'm gonna finish the rest with her! So she's my step daughter(: I can't decide whether I should count her as my first born in the wilderness or not... but its ok(: I'm still excited!
But they didn't tell me who I would get! So we had to wait for transfer calls! They finally were supposed to come Saturday and the elders ended up just telling us in person because we were practicing for a musical number for sunday. Elder Smith couldn't keep a straight face telling me... Because... we've had a long standing joke(we are in a ward with the assistants to the president) that if we aren't nice to them, they will send us to corpus! so last transfer we left candy and a note in the office saying "thanks for not sending us to corpus.... yet!" Well guess where sister nielson is headed to train?!
I'm headed back up north!!
I will be serving on the beautiful North Padre Island with Sister Peterson! I'm super excited but nervous and sad to be leaving Mission East! This area has truly been amazing! I have so much love in my heart for all the members and people we have met in this area and I am going to miss Sister Garry so much!!! But when the Lord calls, we must go!
The training meeting for new trainers and district leaders was super amazing as well. I have learned sooo many things this week! one of the biggest things I learned in the training is that the last 10 minutes of the day truly are the most important. Its in those last few that you show God if you are truly willing to endure to the end and do all that is possible to bring his work to pass. It truly is an amazing work that we are about... Miracles happen when we are having fun, following the spirit, and doing all we can to listen to its whisperings.
Our mission president truly is a blessed man! He is so intune with the spirit and wants us to focus most on what it says. our training meeting was ALL in spanish. and i was nervous at first but i was pleasantly surprised when I totally understood everything that was said... then President Maluenda went around and asked people what the spirit and told them... You know that terrifying moment when a tall chilean man asks you what the spirit has told you and you know it has to be said in spanish? Yep. Happened! BUT. It was awesome. The thing I had been thinking about the whole meeting was when we give our will to the Lord we can become what he wants. He knows how special we are and wants us to feel that and understand that. Though I am finishing training someone and not getting a brand new greenie, there is a reason! This sister and I are specifially needed to be together for some reason and I need to find that reason out by giving my will to the Lord and doing what he wants! I can't wait to get to Corpus and starting working harder than I ever have! I'm determined to be that missionay that has to be picked up by an ambulance at the airport after my mission because I did all i possible could. I won't do it perfect, or maybe I won't change the whole world, but i will change lives in Corpus!!!
Our challenge we have been giving members lately is to have a mighty prayer! In Enos we read about his "wrestle" before the Lord before he received a remission for his sins. then after he prayers in behalf of his people and us as well! Future generations! The challenge I want to leave you today is to have a mighty prayer! BUT NOT FOR YOURSELF. We pray for ourselves all the time! The Lord needs you to occasionally kneel down, and pray solely in behalf of those around you. Don't mention yourself at all in your prayer. Just prayer for others. It doesn't have to been long. but make a list of people or things you would like to pray for before hand and pray for them(: Have a mighty prayer in behalf of others. I promist you will feel the love of God even stronger as you turn away from your own needs and fears and ask for others strength. Thats what has made the mission truly amazing. Not worrying about myself and focusing on the needs of the people around us!
I love you all! next time you hear from me I'll be a little closer to home! But not really.... Good bye for the last time from the Mission East, Mission Zone area of the GREAT Texas Mcallen Mission!!!!
Hermana Courtenae Nielson!



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