Monday, September 30, 2013

28th Week, August 12, 2013

The Adventures Continue!

Well! this is draft two of my letter because i started writing about one thing then decided it didn't need to be written so i'm writing something else!!
here's the cool story of the week!!!
So friday we got a call from the assistants to the president. (which at first seems like trouble right? no worries. this time its good!) They asked Sister Garry to sing in a special musical number for our ward because the mission president was coming to speak! super cool right? so they brought down some sisters from corpus, elders from brownsville/edinburg and then sister garry! it was super cool. they sang I need thee every hour. it was a beautiful arrangement and a super cool experience! i missed the presidents talk though because i went with another sister to try rounding up investigators haha. sunday joys!
after church we went to the mission presidents house for lunch with his family. The Maluenda's are serioously the most beautiful family ever! i love them all so much! as we were all talking President put a LOT of emphasis on the fact that we need to use our talents in the mission! all of them! if we can sing or play an instrument, do it! So i have plans to get a guitar or something and develope a talent to share since i can't sing(: haha!
Then we got back to church for spanish ward! i love spanish ward so much(: i'm finally understanding basically all that goes on and keeping conversations up(sorta) and we had a miracle! we had given up hope anyone was coming to church when suddenly sister garry and i turned around and behold!! one of our investigators was their with his kids!! it was super exciting! and he loved the meetings! yay!! we get go see him on wednesday to see what his thoughts were and hopefully commit him to a baptismal date!
Super cool!
Not sure why but i'm feeling slightly off today... so thats all my exciting new for the week to share(: sister garry and i are still chugging along! we know we can do this work together and are going to make the best of the next two weeks we know we have together! thanks for the prayers and updates from home! i hope all continues to be well and know that the Lord is always there and understands! Christ didn't just suffer for our signs, he knows every pain we have and ever will feel. From stubbing your toe, to losing a loved one he understands and is there for us to turn to at the moment we need a friend most. I've learned that lesson for sure so far in my mission. Don't ever be afraid to pray for direction!
Love y'all!
Sister Nielson

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