Monday, September 30, 2013

34th Week, September

Week Fun Times!!

Well this life in the mission field is definitely exciting...
We finally got the a/c fixed! Then it started leaking again! Haha so we are stilling leaking! I'm still on the couch but its downstairs... so when we have to turn the a/c off at night to prevent flooding, i have my own fan and its cooler(: So I see the couch as a pretty good thing actually! haha!
My dear greenies and I have definitely had some interesting experiences this last week! Thursday was zone conference!!! I love zone conference! For those that know him, I got a picture with elder bertrand and he is doing well haha! One of the main things President Maluenda focused on during our zone conference is that we need to be obedient and enjoy our time in the mission. It really is so short! Its blowing my mind that next week I will hit EIGHT MONTHS of being a missionary! The end of october will be my half way mark and I need to burn something! I haven't figured out if it should be a tie or not but something will be burnt in honor of tradition!
Also... in case anyone forgot, my birthday is friday! How crazy is that?! I am going to be 20 years old. No longer a teenager! But I definitely don't quite feel like an adult yet. I have to apologize for this shortness of this letter because I spent most of my time trying to email some pictures home... hopefully those worked and a few will be forwarded on. This adventure really has been crazy this week.
Probably the funniest thing about this week is the fact it has rained sooo much. Mosquitos apparently reproduce like crazy on the island when it rains... so we were talking to these two families in their drive way one night and suddenly I could just feel myself getting bit all over. I looked down... OH YES. THERE WERE AT LEAST 20 MOSQUITOS ON MY LEGS. So of course I very calmly started jumping around and trying to write the church address on a pass along card for each of the families so they could come worship with us sometimes. all their kids were justing laughing as the sisters and I were jumping around trying to kill all the mosquitos on us. Then we went to pick the elders up on the bluff one day (we live on the island and the other missionaries in our ward are the elders on the bluff) and they came running out of their apartment swatting at all the bugs and jumped in the car. They of course let a bunch of mosquitos in and one of the elders started yelling 'MATA LO MATA LO!" (kill it kill it!!) as the bugs swarmed around the car... it was bad haha. I don't think I have ever had so many bites on me in my life! and one of my greenies is allergic to mosquito bites... so thats been an interesting adventure as well! ah man, the Lord... He definitely has a sense of humor(: Thats what I know and believe with all my heart! But He sure does love me to send me all these things to teach me. I'm working on not being as selfish right now and focusing solely on the needs of my companions. Its been fun!
Well unfortunately I am out of time! so i hope all is well! If you'd like to send me a card this week, send it over to
Sister Nielson
14825 Windward Dr #211
Corpus Christi, TX 78418
Sister Nielson


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