Monday, September 30, 2013

31st Week, September 2, 2013

 This email was actually sent on Sept 3 due to Labor Day

Coming to you live.

From the beaches of North Padre Island! Where the water is warm, the breezes never stop, and the missionaries can't even really enjoy it! Haha!
Oh what a first week of transfer!!!!
It was CRAZY getting all my stuff packed up so I could leave from McAllen. Somehow you accumulate all this crap during a transfer and then you have to pack everything! there were definitely things left behind and I hope Sister Garry is enjoying the passed along clothing! No worries, she didn't get any of my skirts(:
So transfers were on Tuesday last week! yay!! I got to ride in the transfer van with SISTER KREIS!!! It was so wonderful to be with her again! I love sister kreis so much! she is wonderful!! I got to tell her all my crazy stories of the far south and she told me all about the gossip from Laredo! She is now a Sister Training Leader over me and I'm super excited I can call her whenever I need help!
SO THE ISLAND! I have never lived by the beach. I honestly remember one time going to the beach and that was our cruise in 7th grade... This place is amazing! Its so pretty! we run on the beach for morning exercise, there is always a breeze, we drive over the water to get into corpus... oh yes. sounds like a dream right? Unfortunately! I am here to be a missionary! Ahhhh!!! Haha just kidding! I love it!
Our members are super awesome and very strong but we only have a few... we work on North Padre Island and Port Aransas. AND I have twice as many miles as before! but that's because the Flour Bluff elders only bike and we have to pick  them up for meetings and church. I love our elders(: Elder Dance and Solis are both standing at 5'3". One is a redhead and the other is latino. They are seriously an adorable companionship and don't mind answering my questions about Spanish. Oh by the way... NO ONE SPEAKS SPANISH IN CORPUS. So our only Spanish interaction is with missionaries or the one lady that lives in our apartment building who speaks the language! oh yeah... so i'm pretty much teaching my baby the language! No worries(:
My baby!!!! So she is technically my step child. but that's alright! I still love her! Her name is Sister Petersen! She's from Mapleton Utah and is 19 as well! I finally have a companion that I'm older than! :D That was an exciting surprise! We've had some interesting driving adventures so far. she doesn't know the area very well because her first momma used a GPS. so we are pretty much officially learning it together by using our cute little maps and taking wrong turns... good thing we have so many miles!
We have one current investigator that will hopefully be baptized soon! He is an interesting fellow for sure... Very interesting... we have to hunt him down today to finish teaching him things he needs to know for his interview! this is the fun part... crunch time!
I touched a CRAB!! That was one of my life goal moments this last week! We were talking to a member on her back dock and she pulled this thing out of the water to show me what barnacles are... and this little crab came running out! I found out they truly do walk sideways... so anyone who ever mocked my crab walk should know, I was walking like a true crab! He was so cute! i'm sad I didn't get a picture...
Adjusting to a new area is definitely hard... especially one as new as this one... its an adventure every second of every day! I'm definitely learning to truly put my trust in the Lord and know that He knows whats up... Its definitely been a little hard pushing my pride to the side and asking for help... That pride thing sure is a problem! Especially when you think you are being pretty humble.... (; I've realized though.... that this are the moments our savior rejoices in. when we are willing to admit.. yeah we don't know what we are doing! We need help for sure! It just happens that way sometimes... we need to trust in our father that loves us and ask for his advice... That being said... I have a challenge for all reading this!!!!
Think of something that bothers you. Something someone does that just... makes you mad every time. (remember how I went crazy when Dad would whistle? all my companions have liked to whistle.... very funny God...) Pray about that thing and ask the Lord to help you forget about it. Then do it! Don't let it bother you any more. Think something positive every time you feel a little irked about that one thing! That's currently my self challenge(: So lets start it this week and see what we can do!
Love you all! I'll try to get letters out to people I haven't written back next week... and I'm probably gonna go post card crazy next week because I'm finally in a tourist spot! Love you all! be safe! THE CHURCH IS TRUE. Hold strong to the faith!
Sister Nielson


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