Monday, June 24, 2013

21 st Week June 24, 2013

Oh the madness!!!

oh man. This last week has literally been one of the craziest!!!

From awesome investigators to amazing texan/mexican food, to running to jump in the car and not get eaten by charging dogs!!! yes that did happen and i'm not exagerating at all! It was scary!
Soooo lets start with Tuesday!
This was interesting... so highlight of the day was having a lesson with one of our recent converts daugthers. she is kind of anti but she came to young womans last sunday! so we got her a personal progress book and made plans to do an activity! well conveniently part of the activity was reading joseph smith history.... >:D missionary win! So sister bolster retells the whole first vision, the spirit is so strong you need a steak knife to cut it! when suddenly our recent convert(her dad) says COMPLETELY OUT OF NO WHERE "why couldn't blacks have the priesthood until (insert year)" Literrally you felt the spirit just die suddenly in the room as all of us were in shock and the daughter just shook her head at her mom. it was insane! yeah... thats awesome fun when your converts get anti-ed... but no worries! he was asking in behalf of his son, because he is totally converted and his son is super anti... Yay.... we will figure it out though and get him a testimony!
Our other tuesday adventure... we were supposed to have dinner with this family we haven't actually met... well we got there and only their son was home (convenietly when you are a sister trio you can get in any house! power of three witnesses man!) so we waited for his mom for a bit then he was like "ummm i'll be right back!" and takes off... so we are sitting on the porch like "well.. what do we do?" about 10 minutes later he gets back with pizza! apparently his mom had forgotten(despite our calling the night before) and he came to the rescue with pizza! which was delicious by the way(:\
Wednesday! The zone leaders made us cookies! earlier this week they sent out a daily challenge for us all to make sure we asked people if there was anything we could do for them before leaving. then ended the text with a "can we help you missionaries in any way?" well of course sister nielson texts back right away and asks for cookies. no worries. shockingly enough! they made them for us! and they are pretty good! yay for elders who can bake! Thats about all the excitement we had that day... everything else just got canceled ):
Thursday! one of our members took us to the Texas steakhouse. um... yeah.. it was delicious and my dad would have LOVED it! We ate around 12 and i wasn't hungry when we got home that night! crazy right? so much delicious food!!! Then we had a lesson with our investigator from El Salvador!! soooo cool! he is awesome! half way through his sister joined us and we were takling about the restoration(: my very favorite lesson for sure! we asked him to pray after about joseph smith and the book of mormon. so we all kneeled and he prayed and after he said he felt like it was right!!! :D those are seriously magical words to a missionary! "i know its true" yay!! and we asked his sister if she would like to pray too but she was super nervous... but no worries. we just invited her to be baptized with him and she didn't even hesitate to accept! craziness!!!
Friday! Since our mission is no longer allowed to knock doors we are visitng our members a LOT. conveniently we have the most members in our area. so thats been fun. most of friday was spent with them because we didnt have any appointments... it was interesting to hear some of their fears about sharing the gospel... most of it was just not knowing how! I think if people would just read preach my gospel they woudl be so much less afriad! that book is golden when it comes to explaining every thing simply and telling you how to share the gospel! If you don't have a PMG, GET ONE!!! they are amazing!!! i love mine so much!
Saturday was my favorite day this week! we were back at the recent convert i talked about befores house! he made us the most fantastic tacos, rice and salsa that i have ever taste! it was amazing! I was sooo happy! then we got attacked by dogs... are you ready for this story?
So we went to see Bernardo... he was supposed to be baptized on the 30. his wife adn kids are members but he is not.. this is the house my compy got bit by a goose just so you know.. they have 5 dogs... one is big and white and mean and the others are just crazy looking. so we pulled into their driveway a little bit and were getting out of our car when the dogs came running at us! usually they are chained... NOT TODAY!! We all screamed and ran for the car door and jumped in the backseat in all of 5 seconds... it was scary!!! Then the sons came running and herded the dogs back into the house. talk about embarressing! i literally saw my life flash before my eyes and sister garry said she saw her unborn children never gettign to experience life on this earth. it was scary!
Sunday!!! yay for sundays! Highlight of the day! our el salvador man came to church!!! and came to see a baptism!! So cool! he enjoyed it all too so we are feeling pretty awesome and high on the spirit! and we had that awesome broadcast!!! The prophet and apostles are sooo cool!! Its amazing what a different it makes when members bring people into the church!!! We are working so hard with our members to help them find their friends and family that are truly prepared to receive the gospel. The answer i hate the most is "oh well i only know members of the church!"  NO WAY!! there are nonmembers everywhere and it is a shame!! they are not able to experience the joys of the gospel because we are too afraid to step out and just invite them! It really is just as simple as inviting them to an activity! members need to prepare their friends so that missionaries can step in and teach them!
I just realized this email is huge!! no worries! its fine! haha.
So my challenge for the week!! speaking of member missionary work! Pray for a missionary experience! we have been trying to work with the YW a little on personal progress and get them to do the activity with missionary work. just pray for an experience and i promise it will happen! just keep your eyes open!
Love you all and take care!
Its only 100 degrees here in McAllen and I'm lovin it!
Sister Nielson

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