Monday, June 3, 2013

15th Week May 13, 2013

HAPPY MOMS DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So when we get homesick it is referred to as being "trunky" well ladies and gentlemen...
yesterday I got to talk to my mommy, daddy, and brothers.... I was trunky. still am a little. but no worries! this is a new week full of adventure to focus on! Its definitely been a lot better week than some but we have had some random ah inspiring moments!!

First thing I want to tell you about is two of our investigators! They are brother and sister! The sister will be 20 in june and has a 2 year old daughter and husband, I think I've mentioned them before! I love her so much!! She is just wonderful but we had the hardest time getting an appointment with her this week! it was driving us both crazy! but she has been very conscious of us and called to let us know when she had to cancel!(: definitely better than those people who don't let you know so you show up with a member and have to apologize for the lack of investigator.. But anyways! We tried to visit her on Friday and ended up seeing her brother instead! we've talked to him before but he was high... so it didn't really go anywhere for obvious reasons. this time however he was very sober and interested and asking us questions! it was super cool! and in the end he accepted to be baptized on june 9!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay!!!!!!

Of course there is a but(; they were both supposed to come to church yesterday.... well 1030 rolls around and we call them to remind them. The brother was out drinking all night so he isn't home. and the sister isn't feeling well at all so she can't come): heart breaking to work so hard with people and then have them not come! but its ok. we still love them! So we went by at 6 last night to see the brother and he was outside but definitely still drunk. he apologized a bunch and told us he had friends over so he couldn't talk to us but his sister was home so we could talk to her. so we waited for him to get her and ended up getting introduced to his friends. at which point a very drunk Mexican boy told me I was pretty(: awkward but flattering considering I was in my glasses and had my fluffy pony tail going on. oh well! take compliments where you can get them!
So we ended up sitting with the sister and figuring out if she really wanted to be baptized. she said she did and we taught her about the restoration! oh man the spirit was SOOOO strong!! then after she prayed to know about joseph smith and about her new BD (May 26!) and received SPIRITUAL CONFIRMATION!!!!! which means: JACK POT OF GOLD!!!!!!!! sort of. we also talked about the word of wisdom, she is quitting smoking and hasn't done it for 2 weeks now and promised to not drink tea! yay!!!!! Milagros en Laredo!
Next thing I want to tell you about is invitation sunday! this sunday(mothers day) was set aside for everyone to invite people and not worry about the missionaries attacking fresh spiritual meat(; we were all excited but nobody came): well besides the members. but I had a thought during it as my compy talked about being a 4 year convert to the church...
here's my though:
Everyone is a convert to the church. No one is born like Christ knowing exactly that the church is true(well he established it so yeah he knows) We all at some point in our lives are learning about the church and have to make the decision of whether to say "yes I know its true" or search more to find our own answer. So when people look at those who have been "members there whole life" and think that we have had it easy. They are dead wrong. maybe a little easier in some cases but we all have to pray for that confirmation at some point. I know I didn't actually start getting a testimony until I went to my first girls camp and had to stand up in the testimony meeting and say I didn't know if I had one. My bishops wife stood up after me and said "if you don't have one, now is the time to start." and I've always remembered that. I don't know if she even remembers that moment but it really did mean a lot to me and I've tried since then to have a testimony of the gospel.
I'm grateful for all the people who have helped my testimony grow in some way or another with their words, actions and support. we were talking about when we feel like we have grown the most in the mission and I think the MTC was my first huge leap of growth! I didn't realize how much I did know about the gospel and how much I didn't until I was sitting in an uncomfortable desk reading all day long...
Oh! again! happy mothers day!!! It was seriously so wonderful talking to my family but I wish my sister would have been there too! I would have loved to hear my nephew squawk and some smart comment from my dear brother in law(:
all in all my friends and family: LIFE IS GOOD. The church is true! and man some of you need to bust out the pen and paper and write me a note!!! I accept notes and letters of all kind! Honestly my favorites are some that have the words" just figured I should write you something fast" those make me smile unceasingly and give me an extra boost to push through the hard days!  Thank you all for your prayers and know that I'm praying for many of you as well! I didn't know what it was like to have sore knees from praying until these past couple weeks.
Be safe! Tell your mom you love her! The church is true! and if you don't know it, FIND OUT! God is waiting at the door to give you the answer!
Mucho amor de Laredo,
Sister Nielson

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