Monday, June 3, 2013

16th Week May 20, 2013

Feeling hot, Hot, HOT!!!

Ladies and Gentlemen! in the great city of Laredo it is ever so slow but surely heating up! Oh man. I've discovered i prefer dry heat however. because humid it feels ten times worse...

Sometimes we like to make up verbs in Spanish. Like fastiar (to fast) entonces: estamos fastiando (we are fasting!) haha pretty ridiculous. but. my favorite I have made so far is meltiar (to melt)
ESTOY MELTIANDO!!!!!!!! Its bad. I really feel like I'm melting down here haha. Oh well! i can push through the heat because if we look sad and pathetic enough we get water and invited into the nice air conditioning! I think that is how we got into our new investigators house this past week! He invited us in and immediately asked if we would like water and would sit down. he was super nice!

Then we had another lesson with him and brought a member, they got along so well! The member was awesome at answering his questions! (he kind of took the lesson out of our hands a bit... but its what the guy needed to hear so we didn't mind!)
In other news! Remember that investigator I love so much? Kimberly? well. bad news. she didn't come to church): so she can't be baptized next sunday. we are super broken hearted... i wish she would just not be afraid and act. she knows its true! she really does! and she wants this! but... blah we aren't sure what is stopping her right now... we will get to the bottom of this however! i know it!!!!!!!
We didn't have someone at church yesterday though! YAY! This investigator is a 16 year old boy. originally his brother scoped out the church a while ago... then he went atheist. but we went back to see him and found the younger brother instead and we've met with him a few times and he came to church! man if they come to church we are on cloud 9! nobody wants to come to church out here! not even the members.. we had all of 7 people in relief society in one of our branches yesterday... that's including the 4 missionaries... ouch... ah well... that silly agency is just a struggle sometimes! but in the end its all personal choice.
What else exciting news do I have for you.... hmmmm!
Well! We went Downtown last week after emailing! Oh was that an adventure... literally I was staring at line of people coming from mexico into the united states! we were going down a street and looked up to the "enter mexico" sign! Woops! We panicked a little and decided to turn!
Downtown is basically just a bunch of shops! our mission is very spoiled with ties because they can get designer brands(ties costing over 100 dollars) for just a few bucks. so our elders are VERY picky with their ties! Very very. They won't wear anything that isn't pure silk and a brand name. how silly is that? But it is pretty entertaining. they don't even care what their ties looks like, if its pure silk and the brand they like, they will wear it!
Luckily downtown has other things! lots of cute hair stuff and cheap jewelry. I unfortunately didn't buy any because well... my hair is either braided or in a pony/bun every day and I just don't do jewelry very much.. the only thing you know i'm wearing is my ctr ring and watch. its just a fun surprise if i have a necklace or bracelet... its safer that way though because little kids like to play with jewelry. I've had a few try and pull my tag off but i know they mean well(:
I just realized this letter has gone quite a few directions! well friends you now know how my thought process works! not very well..
On the subject of Spanish! which we started with and now return to... I feel a whole lot more comfortable with it!!!!!! I can finally teach in lessons and not feel like a major failure(: always a bonus right? normal conversation not so much however... why can't everyone just talk about the gospel all the time?! i'd be totally set!! Oh well! i will get their eventually. Everything works with time!
My currently scripture giving me some extra... umph! in life is in Mormon! 8:22. basically its saying the eternal purpose of the Lord will roll on! We can't stop this magic happening right now! we can either go with it or it will roll right over us and we will miss the opportunity to serve. So lets reach out and serve! if you haven't gone out with the missionaries, call them up! man we love when members come with us! it makes the lesson so much more powerful and makes the investigator so much more interested! they think all members are like us with rules and what not... they need to know Mormons are people too!!!
That's about all i got for you this week! Be safe and pray hard! This church is TRUE. se que con todo mi Corazon, alma, mente, y fuerza! la obra del Senor es muy importante!
-Hermana Nielson

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