Monday, June 17, 2013

20th Week June 17, 2013

Funny funny week...

To say the least, this week has been super comical!! I forgot my journal so this is gonna be a bit messy trying to explain the adventures we have had!!!! First off, we have FIVE people with baptismal dates set right now!!!! What?! It's a part member family, father and a family of 5 who have FOUR baptismal age people!!! So exciting right???

Man. Let me just say, asking people to get baptized is scary business!!! But i did it!!! and showed the picture of Christ and explain why its important and it was partially in Spanish because the family, mom speaks pretty much only Spanish, but the dad and kids speak English only. what in the world? I don't get it!!! so many families are like that!!! How in the world did they ever fall in love if they don't speak the same language?! Just kidding... don't wanna know!
Well! we seem to have this ongoing trend of knocking on doors we think are members and get nonmembers and knocking on potentials/formers and finding members?! how does that happen??? We knocked this ladies house on Thursday because the address was in our list as a member and she totally invited us in but it seems a little awkward... then she told us all about how she and her husband were high school sweethearts and stuff but then sister Garry asks "so what ward are you in?" and she gets a super funny look and asks us what church we are from... Uhhhh RUH ROH!!! No worries though! conveniently she has been looking for a church to raise her son in because she knows its important and conveniently we knocked at the perfect time! we plan to stop by this week though because she had a family adventure this past weekend!
BY THE WAY!  we are no longer allowed to knock doors in our mission. yep. No tracting. Period! We are focusing on member work only!! Crazy right? Its definitely a little scary but we are working with it! conveniently most of our members are in our area! yessss!! they just need to help us find their prepared friends! Its kind of a bummer when members say they don't think their friend is ready though... who are we to decide for them? Who am i to say that someone is or isn't ready to receive the gospel of Jesus Christ and find real joy in this life? Its ok though. we are working with them to help them understand(:
We had exchanges this week! yay! The sister training leaders called us up wednesday night and said Sister Bolster(who has been in this area the longest) was headed to work in their area and sister garry and i were staying here to work ours! Um excuse me?! I've been back seating for the whole WEEK we have been here and I'm the older companion so i had to drive!!!! D: No worries! we only got lost once and it was actually super fun! We had the most successful week this area has seen in a LONG time! It was amazing! We even had 3 investigators at church!!! One with a BD!(baptismal Date)
Our other super cool investigator we found this week is from El Salvador! What?! She is here working! She is super sassy though. we thought we were knocking the door of a member(of course) and she popped out! so we told her how our message can bring us peace and she said "que? no piensan que yo tengo paz?!" it was pretty great! but we got her to church so obviously we did something right(: she is super cool though! We have a little bit of a struggle understanding her Spanish though because it isn't the tex-mex we are used to... ah well! Thank the Lord for the gift of Tongues and understanding!
on the subject of Spanish! I feel like I've grown SO MUCH in the past two weeks! I'm not afraid to just speak out and share with people in English AND SPANISH. Dad would be so proud! I'm ordering for myself and calling people to repentance without panicking! Oh yes!!!
But yeah... overall its been an awesome week! We have high hopes to get quite a few baptisms before sister Bolster goes home in mid July! Wish us luck!
Challenge for the week!!! Remember how I said its not our place to decide if people are ready? Pray for them! Pray to our Heavenly Father and ask which of your friends might be ready to receive the gospel. when you have thought of someone and given doubt an entrance, pray again to know how and when to share it with them. The best situation is when members prep their friends before hand and THEN bring us into the situation! Will you do it?!
Overall all, I want you to know that I know this church is true! There are so many examples in the book of Mormon where we are testified to of God's hand in our lives always. He lives and cares. He listens and helps us in ways we don't always realize. Its our job to do all we can then leave it up to the lord! Love you!
-Sister Nielson

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