Monday, June 3, 2013

18th Week June 3, 2013

Sister Nielson pack your bags! you are headed to...

Yes! That is right ladies and gentlemen! This week we have transfers and Sister Nielson is leaving Laredo!!!! Its a bittersweet moment for sure! I've definitely developed a whole lot of love for the people in this area and I'm sad to leave them): But I know that when the Lord calls we need to answer! We can't put him on hold or send it to voicemail. He needs us and needs us now!

Shall we review this passed week? (:
Monday! as you know, this was memorial day so we didn't get to email... but I emailed Tuesday! yay! We went downtown and I think I already told about this in my last letter... moving on!

Tuesday! Sister Kreis went down to McAllen for training since she is getting a greenie tomorrow! it was pretty intense working as a trio with sister Andrade and Ninataype! but then we had a lesson with a 16 year old boy... and oh man was that funny. we had to do the chastity and word of wisdom lesson and we had a member there with his 16 year old son. So picture this! we have two 16 year olds, a male member, and 3 sister missionaries explaining to law of chastity... oh yeah. it was great :P

But! we got the message across well and he understood it all so that's good(: that's always the goal!
Wednesday! We had our district meeting! yay for district meeting! and the zone leaders joined us. that was pretty fun. they focused our training that day on the book of Mormon and it was super cool. I'll tell you more about that in a minute...
Thursday! not the best day ever... we had a lot of closed doors but we ended up eating raspas in the drive way of a member who wasn't home... we biked all day as well! oh man... hills and I are just not best friends... but I feel a lot more healthy! I'm so glad to be back out on the bikes after being in the car for two weeks with sister Andrade's broken foot!
Friday! YAY FOR TRANSFER CALLS!!!! Sister Ninataype and I are both leaving Laredo! I am headed to Mission Zone! So I will be down in McAllen! I'm super excited because everyone says the wards are really strong down there and super willing to help with the work! :D So much excitement! also I am going to be in a trio! whoooo! With one sister who has been out for a year and the other has been out for one transfer :D its gonna be a party for sure! I can't wait!
Saturday! The elders decided we would "blitz" the areas! Which means we gave the zone leaders potential investigator names and they went out to find them and we went out with the district leaders. picture this one... 2 elders and 2 sisters knock on your door... whats your first thought? Pretty crazy right?! We didn't have to much success... BUT I SAW A BABY COW! These people had a one month old baby cow in their front yard! it was soooo cute!!! :D
Sunday! We always love sundays right? Well we got to go to all THREE branches that meet at our church... because dariel decided to sleep in... so that made it a very long day but it was awesome because testimony meeting is my very favorite :D also I've become a wise missionary and started packing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for church :) yup. It keeps me from being like the other missionaries and begging the deacons for left over bread :P We had Kimberly and Dariel in church though! Yay! then he stayed for the baptism and admitted he would like to be baptized! we were so excited! unfortunately I wont be here for it ): so I made him promise to write me and tell me about it!

So back to the book of Mormon! I've been trying to finish it before I leave Laredo! and conveniently I only have moroni left to read before tomorrow morning! I'm really excited because when I finish, I get to pray about it all over again and receive confirmation of the truth. in district meeting they talked about how we need to always be praying about the truthfulness of things just like our investigators to strengthen our testimonies. It never hurts to have an extra layer of protection right?
This world is so crazy. Things are falling apart all around us but the one thing that has never changed is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our Heaven Father has always loved us and will always love us as well and I love that! When people ask us how we can be out on bikes in the hot Laredo whether I just think "how can I not be?" We have the greatest message and gift of all! No money can buy the happiness that our Heaven Father's plan brings and it breaks my heart when people think they are too busy and don't need it.
I'm really excited to head down to McAllen and share the gospel with the people in my new area. I know I'll face some of the same challenges we have had up here but I hope I've learned enough to maybe help them come closer to Christ despite those difficulties! So all in all! I challenge you to ready Moroni 10:3-5 and do it! Even if you've done it before. Find some time this week to kneel and pray to your Father in Heaven and ask if these things are from him. I promise you He will answer. Maybe you'll get a "well of course! you already know that!" or maybe it will just be peace. but He wants us to ask questions and build our testimonies every day!
With that I finish my last letter writing here in the Laredo Library! Love you all and I hope you have a great week!!!!!!
-Sister Nielson
p.s. For letters and packages, send them to the mission office address (200 west la vista McAllen texas 78501) because I will live down the street from it and can check it whenever(:

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