Monday, June 3, 2013

17th Week May 28, 2013

Oh the adventures we have in south Texas.

Oh man have I got some stories this week!!!!!!!!! Super intense! Including: Exchanges, a marriage offer, shrimp!!, and whatever else I can remember as I write!
First! we had exchanges this last week!! We have adopted into our mission "sister training leaders" so they get to come to exchanges with us once a transfer! It was super cool! I got to spend the day with Sister Van Dyke! she actually lived in stansbury for a long time! cool right? we have friends in common! but so we spent the day together and it was super awesome seeing how a different missionary works!  

My favorite part of our adventure was when we went to one of our recently reactivated member's house to eat mole! i don't think i'm spelling that right... but the member has LOTS of dogs and had some super tiny puppies. sister van dyke was in LOVE with the dogs and we ended up leaving a little late because she couldn't pull herself away. it was pretty funny(: oh and i drank my first coke D: don't tell mom! i will never be drinking coke again... against the word of wisdom or no its just nasty and waaay too sweet.

So yeah! exchanges were awesome and super fun! we were all sad to see them leave on Thursday morning! but the poor sisters hadn't worked in their area all week and had a baptism on sunday so it was good for them to head back to corpus!

Now about the marriage offer....
Last week after emails we had our zone activity! we went to the canch and played soccer as well as had a BBQ. Oh man it was pretty fun up until the end.. this homeless guy came up and started asking for food and well of course the elders gave him some. but then he got greedy and they told him now. so he turns to me! D: "Hey Guerra! can you get them to give me more food? You know what Guerra means?! it means white girl!" oh man i was trying so hard not to freak out when he walked closer to me... but then he decided to leave and turned back "Guerra! we are going to get married some day! you wanna know why? because god loves biracial marriages! You believe god loves everyone? he does! life would be boring if we all looked like me or you!" then he walked off. oh man.. it was intense! but at least I have an option if i don't get married right?! Just kidding...
Then the shrimp!!! MOM I ATE MY FIRST SHRIMP AND DIDN'T DIE! I need to apologize to the yorks... i don't think i'm allergic to fish after all! haha we had a family home evening with our investigator at the home of a member! all in Spanish mind you.. that was intense. and the investigator brought this soup. little did i know it had shrimp.. not just pieces. BUT FULL SHRIMP. con los ojos y todos! crazy stuff!!! So i got some then realized what it had a just stared at it... so they asked me if i didn't like it or something and i had to admit i thought i was allergic. so the member panicked and her brother ended up teaching me how to pull the tail and head off so i could try it... oh wow. not my favorite!(it does taste like chicken though!) but i didn't die! so we now know i'm not allergic to shrimp!! good news if i ever go to corpus!!!

Well my friends those were my highlight adventures this week! Oh and it was memorial day! so the library was closed  Monday! hence the Tuesday email (; We had a great pday yesterday though! we went downtown again and i bought a touch screen watch! cool right? i'm pretty proud of it! :D its pink. but little jared (1 year old of a family in our branch) LOVES playing with my watches. so he found out how to work it yesterday at our FHE and man.. he just didn't want to stop! that little man is so cute! he is my current place holder for Thaddeus since i can't teach thad about the gospel yet!

Overall its been a pretty good week! We have transfers this next week though! so Friday we get the call :D Then i will let you know Monday if i stay or leave! so for now, sending mail to the mission home would be your best route until i can let you know if i stay or leave! But thank you to all who do write me hand letters! i know its old fashioned but man... nothing beats the joy of opening the box and seeing a letter with "Sister Nielson" on it! even better is when i get to see my first name :D i almost slipped a few times this last week and introduced my self as courtenae D: awkward! but i  didn't so that's good!

Spiritual thought of the week comes from... The story of nefi! We all know nefi right? (nephi) :D He was pretty brave. he didn't tell the Lord "hey man... that's just too hard! he could kill me... my brothers don't want to go..." he served with diligence and hard work! he didn't let fear keep him from doing exactly what the Lord need WHEN the Lord needed it! I know its super important for us to act on impressions when they come! we can't hesitate and panic because of the people around us or whatever else. we need to act when the Lord needs us to, not when its convenient! had Nephi not gone back when he did, the situation could have ended very different and we wouldn't have the scriptures we have today! I'm grateful for those that have acted on the Lord's impressions when he needed them to and helped me to be where i am and I'm striving each day to act as he needs me to so that I can bless others lives! This week, ACT! don't just think about helping someone and watch, get out there and help! whats the worst that can happen right?
I want you all to know I KNOW this church is true and members are so important in missionary work! oh man i am kicking myself for never going out with the missionaries! They are gonna get tired of me when i get home because i will want to go to every lesson! This gospel is too wonderful NOT  to share! The church is true! be strong and true to it as well! Love you!
Sister Nielson

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