Monday, June 10, 2013

19th Week June 10,2013


Why yes, I am serving in the Heart of my mission now!! Although I'm actually in the Mission Zone! awkward but awesome! I absolutely LOVE it here so far!!
We have the most amazing wards! in our area, we have the bulk majority of the English ward and they feed us all the time <3 so much love!

In the Texas McAllen Mission, WE EAT! that's a fact I've learned! so I've taken it upon myself to not worry about my weight and just enjoy my mission! any one have some extra stretchy waist skirts they'd like to send my way? ha just kidding!

Soooo! my companions!!! YES! that does have an S on it! I'm in a trio! with two of the best in the mission for sure! Sister Bolster is senior companion and trainer! Because Sister Garry has only been out for one transfer! So we have a greeny, trainer, and junior companion(that's me!) I'm technically a real missionary now mom!!! ahhh! it is pretty intense for sure!
We found some pretty amazing investigators this last week as well!!! One is a family of EIGHT KIDS! yes. 8. the big one! they range in age from 2-14 so we are anticipating at least.. oh you know... 6 baptisms next month with them!  they have been looking for a church and recently started a different one.. but hey! when the true church comes knocking on your door and finds you right when you are discussing what church to go to... why not convert right?! we are going to visit them tonight and have high hopes for awesome spiritual confirmation! I'll keep you posted on that one!!!
Next adventure! the black cat.... we have a possessed cat!!! it is scary as all get out. we were walking into this cul-de-sac the other day to contact ta referral when this cat comes out of no where and starts meowing at us and coming at us! like a rhino about the charge!!! It wasn't normal meowing either. it was like a dying possessed animal!!! so we thought it would be died by the time we came back...
Nope! it was still possessed the next time we came back for our appointment.. and it was sitting in front of the peoples house! so we asked the lady if it was her cat and she said "no... its creepy isn't it?" we are praying it isn't there today when we return... but oh man... i hate creepy animals! we also got chased away from a house by dogs, and sister bolster got bit on the ankle by a goose! What is with the animals around here?!
A little more about our members!!! We have been trying to get to know them right? because sister bolster has actually only been here for two weeks! she was mid transferred in, then sister Garry and I hopped into the mix last week! oh man. its been interesting. but everyone member keeps telling me I look so young! the oldest anyone thinks I look is 17! we ate at a members house yesterday and her son said I look like the little young woman who  goes around with the missionaries ): ouch! oh well! looking young is good right?! its so funny though because sister bolster is a red head, and sister Garry is blonde as can be. so when we start speaking Spanish people are super surprised and excited.
SPANISH! my Spanish has improved IMMENSELY in the past week! like i feel confident speaking and everything even if i mess up a little! we semi bible bashed the other day with a guy and it was so great being able to speak fairly good Spanish and have him get stumped when i answered his objections! take that Satan! we are bringing the world his truth! I guess it helps that sister Garry hasn't been out long so she can't speak very much in Spanish. so sister bolster and I are pumping out el evangelio nativo style!
Well family and friends! those are my highlights of this past week!! I'm loving it here in McAllen and we have set a goal of 36 baptisms by September 1 in our area! Crazy high, but we know with God's help and our complete dedication, we can do it! We have the member support and prepared people in this area to truly convert hundreds like in the Book of Mormon! So lets make our own modern day miracle story right? Love you all! i wish you the best this week and challenge you to have family prayer! Random right? Here's my reason, the family is being torn apart by the world. we are seeing that more and more here... we need to have that base unit to help us fight against the adversary so we have support and know there is always help! Strengthen your family and I promise you will be unstoppable! :D
Mucho Amor de McAllen!
La Hermana Nielson!


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