Monday, May 6, 2013

14th Week May 6, 2013

Claro que duh that's a scorpion!



As explanation for my title... when someone obasically. but we like to joke and mix languages with claro que duh! and claro que duh this week has been weird! more explained as we progress...bviously agrees with you they usually say "claro que si!" which is "clearly yes!"

Well the high lights for the week! We found a bunch of new investigators this week! That was awesome! We love new investigators! My favorite we found on Friday(: her name is Natalia. Any guess why I picked her out of our formers book?(; probably has to do with the name! But she is pretty awesome. She kind of accepted a baptismal date for June 2 so we will see how that one goes!

Thursday was our extreme wild life day! So our apartment has a slight reputation for having scorpions. but none of us really thought much about it right? I walk around barefoot all the time! So i'd just walked into the kitchen to start lunch when my compy says "um... sisters. don't panic. just put shoes on . we have a scorpion in the house." Well the words 'don't panic" and "scorpion in the house" don't go together. paint you a picture, sister ninataype and I were standing on chairs and sister kreis went for a smashing shoe while sister Andrade looked at it and marveled at its beauty (shes a bug girl). so she pokes it with a stick right? then it starts swinging its tail around (its just a little one) and she says "oh its not as dangerous is little. the big ones are the bad ones." HECK NO! I'VE SEEN INDIAN JONES! THE LITTLE ONES ARE MOST POISONOUS! Yes I did say that to her in a capital letter fashion. so we smashed it, named it Kohor and now its in Sister Andrade's mission memory book.

That was our fun story of the week.
In spiritual news!
MY FAVORITE INVESTIGATOR CAME TO CHURCH! She's the one who came to our baptism last week! She's my age, with a 2 year old daughter and slightly older husband... I like her a whole lot though! We had a lesson this last week about the plan of salvation and it made her so happy to know she could be with her sweet daughter for ever! :D So much happiness! and we talked about how we get a new body but need to take care of ours. she quickly volunteered the information that smoking and drinking aren't good. so she should stop. Yup my heart melts everytime someone jumps to the right answer without us guiding. so we are buying her gum to chew instead of smoking for stress! Win! So she came to church with her cute daughter and really enjoyed it(: Can you say BAPTISM ON THE 19?! Yup. Its going there!
We also had the confirmation for our two baptisms last week this past sunday! that was pretty wonderful(: I love that sweet woman!
Well I think that's the majority of my huge adventures this week! Of course every day is an adventure in Laredo but those are the big stories I want to share! although I do have a request! if anyone would like to send me coloring books or supplies for a kids entertainment bag for church, I would very much appreciate it! Thanks much!
love you all! Be safe! The church is TRUE!
-Sister Nielson


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