Wednesday, April 3, 2013

9th Week April 1, 2013

Just another hot semana!

Ok so I lied... it hasn't been that hot this past week (: Its actually been super wonderful! I've loved every second of it! But its hard not to love life when you are in the best mission in the world (; TMM! Its been a pretty interesting week over all I'd say!

So heres the highlights!

We found the most wonderful investigator ever!!!!!!!!!! She is so sweet! she only speaks spanish so that has been fun... the first lessson I just sat there terrified and didn't speak but I knew mostly what was going on. then we had a mini companion exchange and sister kreis went with sister andrade and they asked her to be baptized!! "claro que si. porque no?" SO HAPPY!!! then we went back last night and talked about el libro de mormon and she said she already knows its true. She doesn't need to read it. Joseph Smith was a prophet!!! But don't worry she is still going to read(: She is just so wonderful! I've only known her for a week and only spoken once but I already have so much love in my heart for her and her family!!!!

Another big moment! The Laredo sisters went on a road trip! We had greenie training in McAllen so we had to drive down. Alone. Just 4 sisters who had never driven there by themselves. YIKES! well we left at 5 in the morning (its like a 3-4 hour drive to McAllen) and we made it on time! Getting home was a different story but don't worry! we made it!!! and I got my first letters from Chile (: That was a super awesome suprise! and I saw Elder Bertrand! so if anyone was worried, don't be. he's alive and lovin the TMM!

We had to drop a few investigators this week ): Its basically the worst feeling in the world when you have to say to them that if they don't want to keep commitments you can't come back and they are just fine with it): I just want to cry and yell 'THIS IS YOUR ETERNAL SALVATION!!!' but conveniently God has given us agency for a reason and I know he will work things out for them later on. For now we need to find and teach the people prepared specifically for us. They are out there and its my job for now to pray for them and find them!

On a not so great note as well.. Sister Andrade was sick this week): but we still worked hard despite her dying. She got a blessing from the elders and that was wonderful!! our district leader and his companion are so awesome! We love them a whole lot!
Easter!!!! Happy Easter!!!! By the way! So here's whats different about easter here, we smash eggs on heads. Yes. Real eggs. SO you empty them, clean them, and fill them with confetti after decorating. I have pictures but unfortunately the library computers don't allow you to connect your camera): so i'll be mailing some home again this week and anyone interested should stop by my home and say hello to my sad  lonely parents(:
We had a family in the ward invite us over for dinner yesterday and they made this big gift basket of food and stuff for us and sent us home with lots of salchichas and carne asada! (sausage and steak!) it was soooo fantastic! especially since we fasted all day then had dinner (: Best. Food. Ever!!!!!!!!!!! It was amazing! and They restocked my supply of goldfish and crackers! Huzzah for nasty snack foods! I now know why they say our mission has a slight weight gain problem... (; woops! oh well! Life is good! as always I accept donations of every food variety(; just kidding! but if you wanted to send me something, we love stickers down here! any stickers! my companion calls dibs on all monster stickers however...
Thank you to all who have sent me mail!!! I love getting mail and got a letter almost every day last week! :D So much happiness! Today we have to sit at the doctor's office for one of the sisters so for sure EVERYONE will be getting a letter back and I need to see some wedding announcements sooon!!! YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE! :D :P
Mucho amor de Laredo!  Bueno suerte a todos en este semana! :D
-Sister Nielson de Laredo

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