Monday, April 15, 2013

11th Week April 15, 2013

Well... at least its over!

Ha sorry this week hasn't been quite as... well enthusiastic as past weeks! Its been a little trying to be honest... But I've fought through and am here to tell you all about it! :)
First of all! We had some epic bike adventures hahaha. oh man
so Tuesday was our zone meeting with just all the zone and the zone leaders in charge. that was pretty fun! we did some role plays and I actually spoke some understandable Spanish and didn't do so awful! I was excited! But then... oh the real adventure of the day began. So Sister Ninataype's bike had a flat right? and so did sister Andrade so we called the elders for help. (naturally) and we took our bikes to the church and had bike fixing time! we spent about 2-3 hours there, first we thought the tires had holes... then they told us our pump was awful. so we borrowed one from the senior couple in our area and in the end! it was the pump. it wasn't working. so all is well with the bikes now! we thought....
Wednesday my compy and I go biking right? at first all is good. we get to a members house, help them pack boxes. then on the way pack, the seat of my compy's bike that we THOUGHT was fixed, slipped.. like it wigged forward and backward in ways it shouldn't and down when my companion... yikes... which really wasn't good because she has been sick this week ): so we dusted her off, and went home to let her get some rest. falling off the bike just wasn't what we needed right then... so we spent basically the rest of the day at home..
then Thursday was about the same story... but! Sister Kreis exchanged and went with me so we could do some work!
We got to see a less active who is pretty hilarious. he cracks me up every time we talk. then we got to sit down with a potential investigator. HOWEVER! she is no longer just a potential! she has accepted to be baptized on May 12! Yay! but we need to work on her sunday work schedule.. we'll get there! Then Friday was very house bound as well... and Saturday... Satan was working hard on us this week. we tried like 6-8 houses at LEAST 2 each to visit less actives and recent converts and everyone shot us down! Then our FIVE PEOPLE who were commited to come to church didn't show ): ah well. When the going gets tough, we gotten get tougher right!
So that's my goal this week! to get tougher and take away agency! Ha just kidding(: Agency is glorious but sometimes a very difficult thing!
But I suppose I should share something spiritual now right? So here we go!
We talked with a member this week and I got to share the thought! (scary right? especially because I'd forgotten!) But I turned to my old pal Enos. I love enos so much!!! 
I love in the... I think 2 verse of enos he talks about having a mighty wrestle before God before he received a remission for his sins. Think about that mental picture for just a second. How often do we have to really wrestle our problems before we get over them? I then  love how after he receives forgiveness for his sins in verse 8 he talks about praying for his people. We can only convert others as far as we are converted and I know this to be the truth. You first have to clean your own heart and mind before you can teach others about doing the same. I challenge you to read through Enos and dig deep into it. Its not just one of the small books but it is a powerful message. I love it and have probably read it about 20 times since I started this crazy adventure!
Well that's about all I've got for you! Sorry for the complaininess of this letter! I promise you good things happen every day and next letter will be full of happiness! :D 
Love from South Texas,
Sister Nielson


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