Wednesday, April 3, 2013

8th week March 25, 2013

ah laredo! hace calor!

Ok first i have to tell you about saturday.
Well in our mission we are all required to ride bikes on saturdays. even sisters. oh yes. Please picture this with me... my helmet is a little large... I was in my flowery skirt that reminds me of ashtyn. I had a back pack. and was riding down the streets of laredo. it got to about 90-100 degrees. and it was breezy. so I flashed a few cars accidently.... But i loved every second!!! It was nice to be out of the car! but then i felt sick so we had to return home for a little and I took a nap to feel better.. man i felt so gross and sticky! it was awfully fun.
In other news! laredo is awesome! I've had a few doors slammed in my face. the best is when we knock and they yell "quien?!" (who?) to which we reply "somos representates de jesucristo" "SOY CATOLICO" .... what? so you don't believe in christ??? ooook! thats weird. its been kind of funny but sad. everyone time we just add them to our next prayer. also funny was knocking on a house and the lady saying "some of your people came by this morning!" and slamming the door... ouch. have to love that...
But. Despite all this. we have had some beautiful miracles!
First one that I shall mention is when we knocked and asked a lady how she was doing and she informed us she wasnt well.. so we asked if we could pray with her and she agreed. so sister andrade said a prayer and we left it at that. there was a very peaceful feeling that followed after the prayer and I hope that lady felt it as well! She was a sweet little old woman.
Another awesome miracle!!!! I asked someone to be baptized for the first time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! YAY! AND HE SAID YES!!!! so we are preparing him for baptism on april 21! we have been teaching his sister and went by to see her but she wasn't home. so we asked if we could talk to him and he said yes! so we talked a little and addressed some of his doubts about religion and well! we will be back tonight to teach about the restoration! He is awesome and plays soccer. I'm really excited and praying that he read the pamphlet we left him and prayed about it like he promised to! yikes! that is the hardest thing! getting people to keep their commitments! They just think answers will fall out of the sky. but lets be real... two girls knocking on your door should be an answer enough! which leads me to our friend we found yesterday!
This guy is cool. he moved here about a year ago. we were going to contact a referral on the bottom apartment where he lives and he was sitting on the stairs. so of course we said hi and how are you doing and he answered. then gave me a funny look and asked "where are you from?" so  stopped and replied "utah!" he looked even more surprised and asked "what are you doing here??" my reply? "I'm preaching the gospel! Would you like to hear?" and he agreed! so we spent about an hour talking with him! he is almost 19 so that was another surprise to him when he asked me my age. Ha! the young ones got some fire my friends!
We will be seeing him again this week(: I asked him about baptisms as well but he wasn't so excited. so we will have to work on that! but he even said he feels like he could be closer to christ and there is just something missing. the whole time i was thinking "well yeah! you need to get baptized and go on a mission in a year!!!" I have high hopes for him because he honestly wants answers! But his family is very catholic... so it should be fun!
I got my first package and letters in the mission field! That was super exciting! I got a sweet rubber chicken that sits on my desk now(: and the elders have enjoyed the candy and popsicles I've shared with them.
We made a new discovery today...
sisters leave behind clothing when they go home... or extra stuff they don't want(: Why yes. I did go shopping in my own apartment this morning and acquired some very cute things! i'm excited about it(: I'm wearing a dress I got from there and I got the cutest lands end short sleeve sweater! yay for sister missionaries!!!!!!!!
One last experience to share then I am off! We talked to this lady for a little bit who is a member but stopped going to church. her son is heavy into drugs and has had lessons but just wont commit. so she asked why its always the white people that have the gospel and it takes so long for latinos to receive it... it broke my heart trying to come up with an answer and I just tried to tell her in my broken spanish that God is the only one who knows. He has a plan and a way for everything and some people just aren't meant to find those things until later in their lifes.. I hate thinking of all the people who haven't had the chance to have the gospel bless their lives! I'm glad Heavenly Father loves us so much to provide a way for everything to work out. Even if we don't always understand everything. He's got this!!! Well all! I love you and thank you for your prayers!!! I've started saying SUPER LONG prayers as I try to fit everyone I can think of into them! Just know the Church IS TRUE! God loves you and its all going to work out in the end!!!!
-Sister Nielson


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