Monday, April 22, 2013

12th Week April 22, 2013

No more whining!

That is my first thing I need to do! Haha I realized after I sent my email last week that I think I sound like I was dying.. which I'm not yet! haha all is well that ends well and this week ended very well! Lets do a play by play, shall we?

Lunes! My compy and I found two new future members who are SO ready for the gospel! They had a house keeper who was LDS for a while and were very open to taking her to church at 9 am so obviously that wont be a problem for them like it seems to be for a lot of people! Muchas felicidades!!!

Martes! We had district meeting! yay! the sisters had a baptism last sunday so we have begun the tradition of piƱatas at district meeting(: Best idea ever? I think yes. and they elders provided it and candy. unfortunately the stick was a hockey stick and my compy wanted to bring it home... after our district leader said she could threaten anyone with it she didn't want it any more... (pray for me!! haha jk!)
Miercoles! (not spelled write but i'm not sure!)
My compy has been sick for a while. so I got to drive! yay and take her to the elders apartment for a blessing. then they elders told us we had to find her a babysitter so I could go out and work with the sisters. that was interesting. we did have an appointment with our future member who is getting baptized next week though so she was allowed to go to that and she felt IMMENSELY better at that point in time! yay for blessings and worthy priesthood holders able to give them! I love our elders! they are wonderful!
This day was wonderful because it ended in Nutella... (: Thank you to my wonderful sister in new mexico for the awesome package! I definitely appreciated it more than words can truly describe. So much happiness. We also found a future member this day (: we were looking for some members in these apartments but found her instead and honestly we are very much ok with that(: we are going back tonight so i'll let you know how that goes next week!
Viernes! Today I received a new back pack in the mail(: it is beautiful and red and perfect because we had apartment checks and they checked our bikes. apparently you are required to have either a reflective vest or backpack. my one I've been using wasn't reflective but this one is! so I passed! haha I do love the bikes. so much fun! we also had our interviews with president this day... oh man that was intense. we got to the church and they had brought all the packages from McAllen. guess who got colored pictures from the cutest girls in ALL of stansbury?! yup! they are indeed hanging on my wall now. I've received quite a few colored pictures from adorable children and I used them to decorate my lame white wall. every day I now see a blue princess and veggie tales. how could life get ANY better?! it couldn't! We also met with another future member today and set a baptismal date for her!!! we have seen her a few times but never been able to sit down so we got to today and she is preparing for baptism on may 19! Yay!!! Im really excited for her because I know the atonement is exactly what she needs in her life and we couldn't have entered her life at a better time <3 so much happiness!
Sabado! I got a farmer tan today! yay for the sun of Laredo! and also we were on exchanges. hahahahah oh man. please picture this with me. Sister Kreis and I riding bikes through the streets of Laredo. we taught two lessons solo en espanol! that was beastly. have you ever tried teaching someone about chastity when you only really understand half the conversation?! Yep. that was fun. but its good, because the message got acrossed and she still came to church yesterday! Sister Kreis had her first bike crash as well ): she just kind of fell over when we stopped... literally.. it was very funny but sad because we were very discouraged. so she stayed on the ground and we said a prayer and a random guy drove up very concerned that she had broken her arm.. but all was well (:
I saved the day today (: just kidding. I just saved someone from their children for about 15 minutes. we brought along our childrens bag (coloring books, crayons and candy for those of little attention span like me). unfortunately we didn't have our investigator but someone else's was their with three boys all under the age of 8. they were WILD. I've never seen someone climb over a bench so many times. so I swooped in with my toys and now have more pictures for my childrens wall(: I love it!
I must say a HUGE THANK YOU to all who sent me packages this week (: The Lord truly is amazing because everything I received was exactly what I need and in the moment I needed it most(: thank you for your thoughts, prayers, letters, and stickers(: my compy and I love the stickers so much and you may receive some back as decoration for your envelope! I love you all and wish you the best this week! Life is good in Laredo!
Buenos suerte mis hermanos y hermanas!
-Sister Courtenae Nielson


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