Monday, April 8, 2013

10th Week April 8 2013

Todos es mas grande en Tejas!! (;

Yo se que es la verdad! Ha just kidding! I found a tshirt that said that at HEB and almost bought them all to send to people! haha but I didn't..
Because I'm a poor missionary D: just kidding! but I am the only one in my apartment who is tight enough to still have money at the end of the month (: haha that's a skill the future hubs will enjoy I think
Um speaking of hubs! anyone else notice the massive amounts of marriage, family, and purity talk in conference? No? Maybe that's just what my focus was kind of on... oops (: haha well life in Laredo esta bueno! This week I will participate in my first ENGLISH FAST! Yikes! We have decided as a companionship to improve my Spanish on Wednesday I am grounded from English and she will not respond to me unless it is in Spanish. all day she's already been telling everyone not to speak English to me... my life could be very quiet and lonely until I master this language! 
Pues! as far as miracles go this week we definitely had a few! I taught the restoration on the hood of a car! I kid you not. we use cups to make it an object lesson and the guy's wife wasn't home so we talked in his drive way and built our story on the car. It was pretty awesome! AND I taught in Spanish! I know you're probably thinking "you were called Spanish of course you teach in Spanish!" but remember this key factor: everyone in the TMM is called Spanish. You teach in both language. so when you knock a door you just have to wait and see if they say "bueno?" or "hello" to know what you gotta use. its an adventure every day for sure! So currently we only have Spanish investigators! Heck. Yes. Its hard to get Spanish investigators in Laredo because everyone speaks both and prefers English. No clue why since Spanish is so cool! But they all love to learn English and speak it with you. we have a recent convert we visited this week who insisted I say both the prayers in English SLOWLY and CLEARLY so she could listen and when I said something about being grateful for the weather (it was a chilly 70 degrees (; ) She was super surprised! haha silly Laredo people think they will catch a cold if they send their kid out in 60-70 degree weather! You're not in Utah any more Sister Nielson.

What else interesting happened this week... hmmm!
Well I've been given permission to teach piano lessons as service! Flip yeah! It'll probably be in Spanish though! guess who doesn't know musical terms in Spanish?! whoops! oh well! we will fight through this one!
I had my first companion exchange this week! No worries it really wasn't too exciting because I just went with the other sister in our apartment haha! But I got to teach this awesome gangster. He's covered in tattoos(mostly texas ones! whaat?) It was pretty awesome though! but our district leader told us we needed to find out if he'd killed anyone... you know how awkward that is to be in someones house teaching about Christ and have to find a good spot to say "so uh... have you killed anyone?" Yeah that was pretty exciting! No worries though! He hasn't! :D  
By the way! Was conference awesome or what?! We had the challenge to go into it with questions written down (which I've actually never done before) and man did I get some nice answers! one of my questions was pertaining to getting closer with the people in my mission and I definitely received the inspiration I need! Heavenly Father is pretty amazing! It was super weird watching conference dressed up at the church though! I was craving monkey bread and picturing where everyone was sitting on the couch at home ): yikes! home sick moment! On the subject of that!

I must shamefully admit I cried this week. I am officially a sister missionary. I have the tan line! We get this wicked tans because of wearing flats so your toes are white but your feet are tan! ha how funny is that?! Its pretty sick(: when it gets darker I'll send a picture!
I think that's about all the adventure I shall share this week! as always I love letters and packages are definitely accepted any time! :) Love you all! Se que la Iglesias es verdadera y tambien Thomas S Monson es un profeta de Dios!
-Sister Nielson

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