Monday, March 31, 2014

58th Week, March 10, 2014

: Meetings!!

his week was literally the week of never ending meetings..... we had zone conference, a sisters meeting, zone meeting, and a bunch of companionship studies with the elders to help us learn the new lessons are we teaching! it was insane!!! Literally i felt like i was in the church all day every day! But its ok! we eventually got to go out and work and that was glorious!!

We seriously had the strangest week ever though! Our sisters meeting, they talked a lot about how we need to be confident in what we are doing and remember that Sisters are NOT elders. This is a very important fact that some people forget... we are different! We teach different! we do things differently over all! So that was nice to have our mission president tell us personally that its ok to not be the exact same as the elders!!

Our big miracle of the week!

We have a new investigator!! She is this sweet tiny only mexican lady :) I just adore her soo much! In her home we speak a good healthy mix of texmex :) meaning that her native language is spanish but she speaks english fairly well. so she will go back and forth between the two languages.. and i don't mean every other story... i mean every other word! It almost makes your head hurt when she says "ok... entonces vamos a go to la iglesia a las two por los services?" " Yes Hermana." Its hilarious! I am so not learning spanish. I'm learning Tex-Mex. and I love every minute of it!

So we were teaching her and she is currently committed to baptism on the 23 of March!! Yay! her two daughters actually got baptized last year and she has been wondering if she should be baptized too! why of course she should :) and we are there to help! I love it!


as for bikes.... I love biking :) I just don't really like to be cold when i bike. I'd rather be sweating.. because at least then we can bike and get a breeze to cool off. thats nice! We biked to the church from our house this last week and that was a little bit painful... its 4 miles. which isn't that far... but when you have to do it in less than 30 minutes with a compy that is a little bit sick... well that just complicates things a little haha! but we did it in the rain! so its all good :)


The picture I've included is Sister Diaz and i! I got to see my baby at the sisters meeting! I love her!! It was great! Her family sent me a super cute backpack from guatemala.


I learned a lot of cool stuff this week as well but i don't have time to write it all! I'll just leave you with this quick thought.


We are sons and daughters of God. Just let that thought penetrate deeply into your mind for a second...

Just as we become like our earthly parents, i know I look like my mom and my companions might say I act like my dad these days(yikes!), we are meant to become like our Father in Heaven. That is our divine goal! To do all we can in this life to become like him and be able to see him once again. I love this gospel so much! They Lord has showed us the way and we need only follow him to find lasting joy and happiness! I'm grateful to my earthly parents that taught me the path so that I can share it with my brothers and sisters here in south Texas! The church is true! God loves you! He is your Father!


Hermana Nielson


ps. I made tamales this week! Yup we can do that when i get home!

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