Monday, February 18, 2013

2nd Week February 11, 2013

Welcome to Preparation day 2 sister nielson!!!
It has been a CRAZY week. We have been teaching a pretend investigator Luis and its been really fun! Hermana Kreis does most of the teach in spanish and I try to fill stuff in with my thoughts and my testimony. Its been pretty crazy but fun. Tonight we start with Sebastian(also pretend) and I'm really excited. Hopefully I can speak more spanish and do more than just bear my testimony! We talked a lot this week about how it doesn't matter how well you speak the language of spanish the gift of tongues doesn't just mean like spanish we need to learn the language of the spirit and be able to discern the needs of our investigator and love them. So that is what I am compeltely focused on. loving my investigatrs(real or not) and trying to know what they need through the spirit. It is fun but rather difficult as well.
I performed my  calling for the first time this week! for those that don't know on our first night I got called as the music coordinator for our zone! yikes! especially since the songs are all in spanish. luckily they sell little cheat sheets to tell you what songs are english ones and what not. I also got permisison from my branch president to start teaching people in additional study time how to lead music! if you have any suggestions for ways to do that, please send me letters in dearelder or mtcdelivery! letters are like candy here! we all get excited at 930 when we know Elder Stone(district leader) has to give out the letters. its wonderful and I might get a little crazy excited when I have a letter or two. Its awesome!! tank you for all the eltters i've gotten and please keep them coming!
I have to admit. I'm not really homesick at all. I just wish everyone could be here with me experiencing this! the spirit is so strong
. we had a substitute teacher this week and she taught about how everything we do on a mission should be for the Lord and our investigators. we don't eat for us any more, we eat to have energy to bring others unto christ. we don't work out for us. we work out so that we can work without tiring to bring others unto Christ. we had two lessons this week about how the Savior turned outward in those moments when we would turn in(hence why we were not chosen for his sacred duties) I know that I need to be less selfish and I'm working very hard to focus on everyone around me so that they can feel the spirit and know that the Lord loves them so much. Isn't that an amazing message? no matter the struggle or trial, our Lord and Savior always loves us every second of every day. and in those moments we feel the most alone, he is reaching out to us and calling for us to let him in to help.
This week hermana kreis was asked to accompany a guy who wanted to sing Bring Him home(from les mis) for a devotional. unfortunately he wont get to perform it because we don't want elders home sick, but he did amazing! then he drew this picture with a couple scenes from les mis for my companion and put a mark scripture on it. I knew immediately what it was but when she was showing the other sisters they couldn't figure it out. They decided it must be Rasputin(from anastasia) and Wolverine(xmen) in the pictures. I had to explain the pictures and suddenly it totally made sense to them. Yes i laughed long and hard about that one.
as for the food, I've decided to pray that it will taste better and not think about it. So far its going great! added bonus was we got pizza from like litte casers or something on friday! yes I ate 3 pieces and was completely ok with this. it was wonderful!!!!!
On sunday, sistsers get to go listen to music and the spoken word. it made me think about when we went before I left and I felt a little homesick. Not homesick. Missing of the parental units. I love my mom and dad! I've been praying for you and also for the people in texas that I will teach. I pray that the spirit of the Lord will be with them to prepare them for when I come and they will be able to understand me!
We have LITERALLY had the flirting talk at least 10 times this week. our teachers reported to our branch presidant that "inappropriate relation" were developing and they need to talk to us. No worries, I'm not interested in our elders. they are cute and sweet and spiritual, but honestly they feel like little brothers to me and I'm a little creeped out at the idea of flirting wth a man of God. this is just NOT the time for that. We should all be focused on the spirit and I'm bugged by anyone who takes that lightly. the time is literally flying by right now and I hate that so much! we only have 4 weeks left here in the MTC and it makes me sad!
I've seen elder fivas and hermana adams this week! which is wonderful! they are doing awesome and elder fivas is on my floor for classes!
Also i'm getting in GOOD SHAPE! thats what happens when all the things you go to are on the top floor! my class and room are both top floor dwellers and I'm getting much less complainy about going up and down stairst all day(; I'm proud of myself!
Also for sunday sacrament meeting they had all the sisters who came in the past two weeks stand up. The 19 and 20 year olds are here my friends. Half the sisters stood up. They older sisters in our district said that when they got here there were less than 300 girls. last week alone about 270 sisters came into the MTC crazy right? also last wednesday we had 800 new missionaries. this wednesday they said we will have 1000!!!! The lords work is progressing for sure and I love it!!!! Its been an amazing experience so far and I'm so grateful I have 6 weeks. they said non language learning missionaries will be here for 12 days now! how nuts is that?! not long enough to prepare at all I think! Oh well! thats all i've got for this week! Love you all! please send letters! packages are awesome too! I love food and was so grateful to get my packages the greenie one, donuts and protein bars! I shared fruitsnacks with the elders and they are converted to them! Be safe family and I love you! My companion and I pray for you daily!
-Hermana Niels



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