Monday, October 7, 2013

36th Week, October 7, 2013


Oh man! My second general conference in the field!! How weird is that?! One more and I will be on my way home! Yikes!
First some of the funny things of the week!
So past sisters got my car rearended... gosh women drivers!(; just kidding. it totally wasn't their fault. but I had to deal with it. so we got a call from the office saying we needed to go get it fixed and arrange things with our zone leader because we probably wouldn't have a car for a few days... Yikes!
So we took the car on Tuesday to the shop early in the morning, did our studies at the church, had our district meeting then had to wait with the bluff elders(we drive them everywhere) for the zone leaders to pick us up and take us home... well we didn't get back to the island until about 5 because they decided they wanted olive garden for lunch/dinner... darn elders!
But when we got home.. we had no car. So we biked! haha oh my dear lanta... my sweet companion is not so great at biking(: But we didn't have a bike accident! So that was wonderful! I love when my companions don't fall off their bikes(: we ended up not having to bike too much because everyone let us in that day! Tender mercy from the Lord. Then Wednesday we got up thinking our car would be done... nope... we biked again! But again, we got into houses so it wasn't so bad. then a member took us in around 3 oclock because our car was done! Sister Diaz was very grateful to not have to bike any more!
So that was our main big adventure of the week!
On to conference!!!
I love conference as a missionary! Watching it at the church, taking notes and getting answers to questions! I LOVE IT! The funniest part was having my companion ask me what different English words meant. then when Edward Dube started speaking I looked at her and she looked back horrified and said "I cant understand him at all!!!" Ironic that ended up being one of my favorite talks!
I loved how he said "Never look back! Look at what we still have to do!" I think in life we get so focused on wanting recognition for the things we have done that we forget there is still so much to do! still more adventures to be had, still more people to help, still one more door to knock at the end of the day! We can't be afraid to look to the future! There are so many great things in store that our Father in Heaven is just waiting for us to earn and enjoy. I've definitely felt some powerful love from my Heavenly Father during this transfer...
Something I also loved from conference is how much they talked about how we must prepare ourselves to share the gospel and such with others. We can't expect the Lord to give us the words we need in the moment we need them if we have not yet studied it out and done our part! President Maluenda challenged us to put away our scriptures of our native language and only read in the mission language. I had already decided I would do that when I got to corpus but its been cool to see the difference... I'm starting to feel the gospel more powerfully because I can't just read over it quickly like I always have before. I have to read deeper and think more about it and instead of reading 5 chapters a day, sometimes I only read 1 or two in the book of Mormon... (well in the Libro de Mormon!) Understand it first, that you might teach it to others.
I am working hard to be a true preach my gospel missionary and know the basics. know exactly what the Lord wants spoken to His beloved children here on North Padre Island. He loves these people just as much as he loves me and my family and friends. so I need to study hard and know His words that they might know of His love as well!
If you haven't read preach my gospel, Read it!!! This week my personal challenge is to read a christlike attribute every day! Yesterday I focused on diligence and today is virtue! I promise if you will do this as well you will feel Christ directing you more! He can only lead you fully as you come to know him. I know Preach my gospel is free online or probably you can download it! so no one has an excuse not to read!! Chapter 6 Christlike Attributes ! one a day!
Christ lives. He is our Savior. He loves us and understands every trial and happiness which we pass through. He is always there(: Doubt not, fear not, simply turn to Him and let His ways be yours as well!
con amor de North Padre Island!
-Sister Nielson

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