Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Two Weeks!!

Just two weeks now until I leave for the MTC! How crazy is that? Not even really two weeks because today is pretty much over and I will be there at about 1:15pm on January 30th. I think excited beyond all reason doesn't even begin to explain how I am feeling.
I have had quite a few people ask me if I am nervous or scared about leaving. Oddly enough, the only things making me a little worried is the fact that I won't be able to talk to my mom all the time. She has been my rock and my hero from day one and it will definitely be difficult to not just be able to yell for her from my bedroom and have her come talk to me. I know there will be many difficult moments on my mission and maybe sometimes I will just want to cry and go home. But I am not going for myself. This adventure really isn't about me. It is about furthering the Lord's work. I know that He will take care of me and help me in every hardship I face. I know for elders they say a mission isn't just the best two years of your life, it is the best two years FOR your life. Well I know for sure the 18 months I spend serving the people of the Texas McAllen mission will be the best of my life!
My mission will in fact be my first real adventure from home. I spent my first college semester living at home and taking classes at the university extension. The only time I have really been away from family was when I went to cheer camps or girls camp... It is kind of a weird feeling thinking about how close I really am to my family and knowing that the only constantly communications I will have is in weekly letters. It is also funny to think about the fact that I won't really have a lot of friends to miss at home because most of them are leaving on missions as well! I love knowing that the people I surround myself with love the Lord and want to follow Him! Well that's all for now folks!
-Sister Courtenae Nielson

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